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For Boston

Yesterday, as I walked up the stairs in my house to greet my happy, smiley baby (who had just woken up from a nap), I got a text message simply stating “Two explosions at the Boston Marathon.” Instantly, my heart sank. What had happened? Was it an accident? What do you mean “explosions”? As I fed my sweet little boy, I listened to the radio coverage of the monstrosity that had happened in Boston. And wept.

My heart is heavy. I like to keep this blog a happy, safe spot, but I just can’t help but mention this tragedy today. This hit close to home. As a runner, and a marathoner at that, I have gone to races, bright and early in the morning, running shoes tied tightly around my tracker. Anticipation bubbling in my stomach. Excitement pulsing through my veins. And I’ve said goodbyes to loved ones at the starting line, cheerfully stating “I’ll see you at the finish line!”

I can’t even imagine how it would feel to get to the finish line and see this happen. To know my loved ones might have been standing right there. Cheering me on. Yesterday was filled with lots of tears. Lots of hugging my sweet little boy who hasn’t seen Mumma race yet, but will be there cheering me on one day. Kissing my handsome husband who has the ┬ádangerous job. The job that makes me nervous anytime he walks out that door. And a fast, hard run. Running for Boston. Running for the families of the victims. Running for the victims. Running for the entire running community, because I know this has hit a lot of us hard.

It’s always been a personal goal of mine to one day qualify and run Boston. And it still is. Running is my passion, my escape. And all I can say is, how dare someone take that away from so many people?

But if I know anything about my community, it is that we are tough. We are resilient. We won’t let the fear paralyze us, as it obviously was supposed to do.

Running will be with a heavy heart today. But it’s for Boston. Boston, you are in my heart.

xoxo, Mallory


PS | Just came across this. Some really heartwarming pictures + tweets about people taking care of each other after this tragedy. As Ellen says: Be kind to one another.

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