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Have you seen the mini-doc that’s been floating around the internet the past week? It’s eye opening. And amazing. And has me searching for coding classes, even though I have a job I love. Can’t hurt to learn it, right?

What kills me is that there are 1.4 MILLION jobs in the coding field, and only 400K people to fill them. That leaves one million jobs open. Which means those 400,000 people are living the life. You saw their offices. Giant comfy sectionals (no shoes required), scooters, pianos, cafeteria filled with healthy, yummy food… the list goes on. And I’m sure they’re not hurting for cash.

Not to get political, because as a rule this blog stays away from politics as much as possible, but what job crisis?! The problem is not a lack of jobs. The problem is a lack of skills in our culture. These kinds of skills, which, as you’ve heard, are not the skills of a genius. They are the skills of someone pretty decent at math. Someone with an imagination. Someone with a little perseverance and hard work.

I know after talking to my dad that there are companies out there with more job openings than they will be able to fill. And these companies are only growing. They aren’t taking buyouts, they’re scouting college computer labs like a football recruiter scouts high school locker rooms. We are just having a hard time adjusting.

And I can’t fully blame our population. Who knew the coding world (or even broader, the technology world) was so wide open? We need someone to talk to our school-aged kids. To teach them what career fields are growing. To guide them into a path that they didn’t even know existed. When I started college in 2005, my current job didn’t exist. Blogging was just gaining a little momentum. And now look where we are.

Whose in? Harry & I are starting coding lessons today. Seriously… go check out code.org. I’ll be there.

xoxo, Mallory

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Style Me Pretty Weddings: THE BOOK


Okay, we can say it. I fail at the 12 Days of Christmas. The problem was – I spent all weekend at Christmas Parties, or decorating Christmas Parties, or cooking for Christmas Parties, or shopping (for… you guessed it Christmas Parties). So I just didn’t have the time to blog. But I was still Christmassy, I promise!

I’m planning on doing a full fledged gift guide later this week for those of you (like me) who shop late. But can I just stop in to say, holy crap, my boss wrote a book? It’s freaking gorgeous you guys. And honestly, honestly, it would make a fabulous present for someone who is engaged – or maybe someone who is getting a sparkly rock in her stocking. Or just someone like me who loves weddings more than most other things.

I’m so proud of the whole Style Me Pretty team (and all the fabulous photographers, designers, etc) who came together to create this absolutely beautiful book. I have the best job ever. Want proof? Just open the pages.

xoxo, Mallory

PS buy it here!

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30 Days of Thanks: Day 19

I am so, so thankful for my job. Yes, it pays the bills. It makes it possible to pay for the schooling we already went through. It makes saving easier. And vacations more frequent.

But really, my job is a dream. I get to click through pretty weddings all day long, admiring, dreaming, smiling. It’s what I used to do in my spare time before I was hired. I get to be creative, I get to work with and for some of the most amazing ladies (and one fab lady’s husband) around. Plus, I can work in yoga pants (which let me tell you is helpful these days). I can work from my house in Oklahoma, my office in Arkansas, or my living room in Mississippi. It’s an absolute dream waking up every morning to work for Style Me Pretty. Best job ever.

What about you? What makes you say thanks today?

xoxo, Mallory

book image by Jose Villa, preorder (!!) here

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30 Days of Thanks: Day 14

There are days when it is the bane of my existence, the distraction I really don’t need, something that just doesn’t live up to my hopes, but today I am thankful for the internet. It makes keeping in touch with people all over the world as easy as logging into your email (or Facebook). It is full of inspiration (or Pinspiration) for health, house, and home (and so many other things). It makes it possible for us to not only not pay for cable, but not have to be in front of our TV when our favorite shows are on. It makes projects easier, research quicker, and puts a wealth of knowledge (and some not so smarty pants stuff) at my finger tips. And, best of all, it gives me a job that I absolutely love.

So thank you internet, for being so great (even while being so frustrating). What are you thankful for today?

xoxo, Mallory

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Simply Jewels


Judging by the extra amounts of not so blingy bling I’ve been featuring here, I must be going through a jewelry phase lately. Today I’m focusing on the Etsy shop elephantine. I’ve actually been a fan of Rachel’s work (which she describes as “simple jewelry that can be worn every day”) for a while now. Probably because I do wear the same jewelry every day. And It’s very simple.

Rachel did an interview with Etsy about quitting her day job to make her jewelry full time. It’s so inspiring (not that I’m quitting my fab day job anytime) for people who feel stuck in a rut. I know lots of people who feel uninspired, bored, unchallenged, you name it, at work. Maybe it’s just that time for my generation… the time for us to be finding ourselves professionally, when we feel like we should already be there. Rachel is an amazing inspiration that you really can do what you love – with a whole lot of drive and passion.

I’m a big supporter of small businesses. I love Etsy for that. Supporting the little guy has almost always been more pleasant for me. If something doesn’t fit right, breaks, or just isn’t what you wanted, it’s a whole lot easier to get ahold of someone like Rachel than Mr. Tiffany. Plus, don’t you love the idea that you’re supporting someone who really takes pride in every single piece they hand make? I do.

I’m definitely going to be purchasing one of Rachel’s designs today… I just have to decide which one will be first. What do you think, the nova tiny gold studs, the alain in quartz necklace, or the dash modern fine silver band?

xoxo, Mallory

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Wedding Abound

Via Style Me Pretty. Photography by Evan Hunt Photography.

Holy moly, this inspiration shoot is gorgeous. Have you seen it? Makes me want to become a pirate and get married again. Seriously.

xoxo, Mallory

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I’m totally in love with butterflies, flowers and warm spring days right now…

The cutest engagement session ever is happening over at SMP in honor of the beautiful Spring days we’ve been having. Thanks to Kristin Vining Photography for these great photos!

xoxo, M

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I Am Here.

At Jon’s desk in the guest room. Prettied up for SMP.

xoxo, M

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