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Walking With Harry

Please excuse me while I post a shaky video of my baby in his diaper with my squeaky voice in the background, but my baby is walking. He took his first steps over a month ago, and would walk a couple of steps in between the couch and the chair, or if he was holding onto my hand, but over the weekend he took a couple of steps, and then a couple more, and bam. He’s a walker.

I have to say, Harry walking is my favorite. He’s getting better every day, but he still walks with his arms out in front of him, toddling from side to side, sometimes moving sideways instead of forward. It throws me for such a loop when he comes walking around the corner, or when I see him out of the corner of my eye running across the living room.

He’s so proud of himself, and rightfully so. Officially a toddler. Am I ready for that?

xoxo Mallory

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For The Moms

Okay. I know I’ve already made you watch a video this week, and sometimes it’s hard to watch two videos in one week. They take more time than reading a quick post. They have volume, so it’s harder to sneak it at work. Also, I am the person who hates when someone tells me “You just have to watch this.” and then takes over my computer for 45 minutes. But really, if you’re a mom, or you want to be a mom one day, or you have a mom you really like, you’ll like this.

I cried a little, I laughed a little, and I smiled a little. This was ridiculously cute.

xoxo, Mallory

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Harry In Stop Motion

Okay, in a year from now, after I have developed my new hobby of filmmaking to Spielberg status, I’ll probably look back at this little stop motion film, shot on my iPhone using the Gorillacam app, and scoff at my filmmaking. But today, it makes me happy as ever. For those of you who want a little peek into my nightly walk with Harry, here it is.

Seriously, I’m giddy about this. Not only because I figured out how to make a film in iMovie (yes, yes I did.) but because the stop motion and absolute crazy of this film is exactly how life feels right now. It’s a constant adventure with this kid, even if it is on fast forward and a little shaky. I love my life. And you just got a glimpse into my favorite hour of the day.

xoxo, Mallory

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Have you seen the mini-doc that’s been floating around the internet the past week? It’s eye opening. And amazing. And has me searching for coding classes, even though I have a job I love. Can’t hurt to learn it, right?

What kills me is that there are 1.4 MILLION jobs in the coding field, and only 400K people to fill them. That leaves one million jobs open. Which means those 400,000 people are living the life. You saw their offices. Giant comfy sectionals (no shoes required), scooters, pianos, cafeteria filled with healthy, yummy food… the list goes on. And I’m sure they’re not hurting for cash.

Not to get political, because as a rule this blog stays away from politics as much as possible, but what job crisis?! The problem is not a lack of jobs. The problem is a lack of skills in our culture. These kinds of skills, which, as you’ve heard, are not the skills of a genius. They are the skills of someone pretty decent at math. Someone with an imagination. Someone with a little perseverance and hard work.

I know after talking to my dad that there are companies out there with more job openings than they will be able to fill. And these companies are only growing. They aren’t taking buyouts, they’re scouting college computer labs like a football recruiter scouts high school locker rooms. We are just having a hard time adjusting.

And I can’t fully blame our population. Who knew the coding world (or even broader, the technology world) was so wide open? We need someone to talk to our school-aged kids. To teach them what career fields are growing. To guide them into a path that they didn’t even know existed. When I started college in 2005, my current job didn’t exist. Blogging was just gaining a little momentum. And now look where we are.

Whose in? Harry & I are starting coding lessons today. Seriously… go check out code.org. I’ll be there.

xoxo, Mallory

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Little Bitty

Well the time has come where it’s just Harry and I all day at home. Jonathan is back at work, there are no visitors, it’s just the two of us for a large portion of the day. I miss my husband like crazy when he’s working, but at least I have him at night. My sister was here visiting and bonding with her nephew last week and while she was here she shot this gem. The song has always been a bit of a joke between us.

I love it.

xoxo, Mallory

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