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A Few More Things I Never Want to Forget

15 Month Harry | R.Simple Life

+ “Oh MY gosh”

+ Your little two word sentences.

+ It’s teamwork when it comes to push ups. And your squats. And how much you love your “ab roll.”

+ Waking up for the second time next to your sleeping face. I’m over the 4am wake ups, but when you cuddle right up next to me and go back to sleep, I can’t help but love the snuggles.

+ How big your legs look in shorts. I’m sure one day I’ll look back and think you were so little, but right now you look huge.

+Happy by Pharrell. Over and over and over. I had to figure out how to loop a Youtube video.

+ How quickly you pick something up. I put you on the grass barefoot one morning for less than 3 minutes, and now you shout “Grass!” every time we pass that spot.

+ Your ABCs.

+ The sweet, excited face that greets me when I get out of the shower because you have to tell me Elmo’s on the iPad.

+ You’re imitating everything. Everything, and it’s the sweetest.

+ Your animal noises.

+ The way you know Papa is at his most vulnerable when he’s still sleepy in the morning, so that’s when you go in for the lip kisses.

+ The path of destruction that follows you everywhere.

+ The constant need to be held. Sometimes I can’t do it buddy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it more than anything.

xoxo Mama

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More Things I Never Want to Forget (part 100?)

Things I don't want to forget about the 14 month old stage | R.Simple Life

+ The way your stinky little foot scoots along the ground like a little snake looking for a nose, and how funny you think it is when we basically faint at the smell.

+ Your hand, straight to my hair, the second I pick you up. And the way you rub it all over your face.

+ You always want the three of us to be together. When Papa’s not here that sweet little way you say “Papa?” and I’m told it’s the same “Mama?” when I’m gone.

+ “Up!”

+ Dirty knees. We’ve entered the age of not being able to wear the same pants two days in a row because they’re dirty. And they’re also starting to wear thin. I can’t wait until you get your first ripped knee hole.

+ On that note, the worn down toes on your Nikes.

+ Your run. It’s the cutest.

+ How sweet your face is when you come around the corner with a book you so thoughtfully picked out. You hand it to me and we read it, right then, right there.

+ This little parrot stage. You repeat everything. And it’s the best.

+ “Peeda Budabuta.” (Peanut butter). And how much you love it. Just like your Mama.

+ Toy Story is called “Buzz” to you. I would have liked for you to pick Woody, but you’ve got a mind of your own and Buzz is your guy.

+ Your little morning buffets when I’m too tired to realize you’ve been snacking on and off for 35 minutes.

+ The in-between stage with your clothes. Your little big belly is popping out of half of your clothes, but your cutie little booty doesn’t quite fill out the next size up.

+ The way you lay your head on my stomach/chest and just cuddle.

+ Your sweet 12-tooth smile.

+ How clingy you are lately. You’re the happiest when Mama is carrying you around the house.

+ Every blankie is fair game and every pillow pile is to dive into. And when it’s not deep enough, and you hit your nose on the ground, how confused and mad you get.

+ Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” and it’s calming powers.

xoxo Mama

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More Things I Don’t Want to Forget, Again

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+ The  double o sound you make. “Spoon.” “Boob.” You don’t open your mouth.

+ How high your voice can go when Calvin walks into the room. “Kitty!”

+ This stage of stranger danger. You’re fine as long as you’re not the center of attention. But if you are, you lose every last one of your marbles.

+ Your teary eyed passport picture.

+ The fake laugh you do to make us belly laugh.

+ How confused you were last night when you were looking for my belly button – on my back.

+ The way you run away, nude, as soon as I get your diaper off of you.

+ Beans. They’re your favorite food. It’s all you would eat, if you could choose.

+ And peanut butter. You and Mama like to share a spoon full of peanut butter from time to time.

+ How stinking stubborn you are. Seriously kid, you are stubborn. You’ll cry for days if you aren’t getting what you want. And boy do you know what you want.

+ The really wet, slobbery kisses you blow.

+ How you walk around the house with the wrapping paper, making noises into the tube.

+ They way you put your head on my stomach when I’m laying on the ground with you. It’s the sweetest.

+ “Dat-ch” means “watch.”

+ How adamant you are about not weaning. In fact, you’re going in the opposite direction.

+ Your big, round belly and how it sticks out in front of you all the time. And your sweet little walk because of that big thing.

+ The way you run from me when we get to the end of “Yawn” because you know the buzzy bee is coming to tickle you.

+ The smile you give me when you think something is cooler than words. It’s giant.

xoxo Mama

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Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 11.9 Months Stage

R.Simple Life | Things I don't want to forget about the 11.9 month stage

+ The butt out, chest out, hands in the air zombie walk that you (and I!) are so proud of.

+ Your tongue out, open mouth approach for a kiss.

+ The way your s’s sound more like spit being forced out of your mouth. But you try so hard to say “yes” and “dance” and “socks.”

+ How you push that dump truck around (backwards) all day long. And my favorite thing is when I find something in the dump (like the farm animal puzzle pieces you were toting around earlier).

+ The excitement you have for your birthday cards. And how badly you wanted to show them to Papa.

+ Those rare but super sweet moments between you and Calvin, when you are being semi-gentile and he is being semi-brave.

+ Your eight-tooth grin.

+ These nights of nursing before bed. I have a feeling they will be coming to an end sooner than I’m ready for.

+ The way you cried when we took the Christmas tree down.

+ How much you love to sit on your Uncle Dylan’s lap.

+ That in every pile of toys, you will find the non-toy item to carry around.

+ The vigor in which you roll around in pillow and blanket piles. You love them.

+ When you point to my eyes. Which really means poking them as hard as you can.

+ How well you fit on my lap when it’s time to read a pre-nap book.

+ The excitement all over your face when you find the book you want me to read. I stop whatever I’m doing whenever I get that face.

+ The way you’ve taken to carrying around the album of Mama + Papa’s engagement pictures. And how happy you are to look through it with me.

+ When you walk into the bathroom, take a bite of toilet paper, and come back out like nothing happened.

+ The way you hold the phone up to your head and squeal “Hiiioooo? Papa?”

+ The moment I lay down on the ground when you come running over for a kiss and then plop your head on my stomach for a cuddle. It’s heaven.

xoxo Mama

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Yet Another List of Things I Don’t Want to Forget

winter harry

+ Your hand all up in my grill while you nurse. You play with my eyelashes, rolling them between your fingers… my eyeballs, my eyebrows, my hair, my nose… I don’t love it. But I know one day I’ll miss it.

+ How much you really enjoy scarves. Just like your mum.

+ The shouts of “Doggy!” the second we see, hear, or smell a dog on our walks.

+ The sweet way you cuddle your own stuffed doggy. Randomly. Out of no where. It’s a mad dash to the dog in the middle of the room where you quickly lay on top of him.

+ Your curiosity. Everything is new and exciting to you. You spent ten minutes laying amongst the shoes and scarves in the coat closet this week.

+ The sound of “YUMMY!” as soon as you’re ready to eat. Or you see applesauce. Or bananas. Or dates.

+ How sweet you are when you share your half chewed food.

+ The face you make when you’re waiting for the “fuzzy, buzzy bee” tickles. It’s the cutest ever.

+ The way you’ve started asking for books. Holding them up in the air to me. And you get so excited when I sit down to read them to you. Your favorite right now is Big Red Barn.

+ This state of understanding but not fully communicating. This morning, we pointed out a lamp in your book, and you took off to the corner of the room to touch our lamp. You’re comprehending so much, I don’t even realize it.

+ Your hugs. When I get down on your level, you immediately come to me and hug me. It’s the best.

+ Bath balls in cups. You put them in there, then take them out. Rinse and repeat. Over and over and over.

+ The way you say “Uh oh.” It comes out “DA uhn.” But you really think you’re saying it.

+ Your mouth and the way it moves when you’re trying to say bad. It’s so funny. Like a little fishy.

+ Those sweet, wobbly first steps you took last night. And the face you made when I clapped and cheered and was so excited. It was a mix of glee, pride, and a little embarrassment. And then you walked again to get that reaction out of me one more time.

xoxo, Mama

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More Things I Never Want to Forget

R.Simple Life | More Things I don't want to forget

+ How warm the back of your head is on my cheek when you’re asleep on my shoulder. Also, how heavy you are on my chest.

+ That everything is fair game. Everything is something to play with. And you always need to be playing with something.

+ The way you light up when you see swings. They don’t even have to be swings we’ve ever been to. You know they are swings, and you want to go to them.

+ The gigantic kisses I get when I get you out of your crib at 6am.

+ How quickly you can flip over and crawl away the second I take off your diaper.

+ How fast you go when the refrigerator is open.

+ Your sweet face and how much you look like your Papa when you look at me out of the top of your eyes.

+ The way you play with my hair when you’re nursing… and turn my head into a rats nest.

+ The trail of terror that seems to follow you wherever you go.

+ How much you love beans and blueberries.

+The way you close your eyes when you don’t want to eat. It’s like if you can’t see the food, it’s not there.

+ Your teeny, tiny waist.

+ Those top four teeth peeking out from under that top lip.

+ How extremely happy you are 80% of the time.

+ How extremely happy you make me 100% of the time.

xoxo, Mama

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Things I Never Want to Forget

R.Simple Life | Things I Never Want to Forget

+ You learned baby sign language for “milk” which we use for any drink. But you use it whenever you want something.

+ The urgency in which you sign “milk” with both hands when we get close to the swings.

+ How sad you get if we don’t stop at the swings.

+ The serious face you make when we watch videos of Papa.

+ The way your face lights up when we FaceTime with Papa.

+ The midnight feedings. They’re pretty much over now, and I miss them. Just you and me, awake and cuddled up for those few minutes. I kind of miss them.

+ How quick your crawl is.

+ Your extreme fascination with the guitar. And the way you think I can actually play it.

+ Those two bottom teeth and a row of gums.

+ Splashing in the bath tub.

+ Your wave. And your clap.

+ The hugs I get when I pick you up out of your crib after a nap.

+ How squirmy you are when you’re getting a diaper change, unless I give you the sunscreen. Then you hold on to that like it’s your job.

+ The extreme cuddling with Bête, and how his face is always wet from kisses.

+ How much you hate to have your teeth brushed, but love to do it yourself.

xoxo Mama

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More, More, More Things I Don’t Want to Forget

R.Simple Life | More, More, More things I don't want to forget

+ Your legs and how they kick like crazy when I’m holding you and you see Papa (and visa versa).

+ The magical allure any cord holds.

+ You shaking your head when you dance.

+ How sometimes it just takes too long for Mama to get ready to feed you, so you help yourself to the milk.

+ The way your lips form the word Papa, but your voice hasn’t totally gotten it yet.

+ The dimples in your hands.

+ How swings hold happiness for hours, but leaving them is not fun.

+ The way you look into my eyes at night when we’re sitting in your dark room right before bed.

+ Your genius comedic timing.

+ The weight of your little body when you climb into my lap while I’m reading you a book.

+ How impatient you are at naptime to get the reading started.

+ Your sweet kisses to the prickly porcupine in one of your books.

+ Waking up to find that your head is no longer by mine, but your butt is (and being okay with that).

+ Your sweet little voice and how it gets a little raspy when you’re really trying to say something.

+ The determined look in your eyes when you study my mouth as I teach you new words.

+ Your pure joy to be able to stand up and peek over the couch at Papa after you finish nursing.

xoxo, Mallory

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