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Passport Outtakes

Passport Photo Outtakes | R.Simple Life

These are just a few of my favorite outtakes. Don’t be fooled by the last one, he has tears streaming down his face. I don’t think we’ve found the winner quite yet.

xoxo Mallory

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Clean Plate Club

Clean Plate Club Harry | R.Simple Life

He is a firm believer in the clean plate club. The clean floor club, though, not a card holding member.

xoxo Mallory

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Through Harry’s Eyes

R.Simple Life | The way he looks at Papa

There is just something about the way he looks at us. Makes me try really hard to be the best human I can be.

xoxo, Mallory

PS Happy birthday Meemaw!

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Super Harry

R.Simple Life | Super Harry

I mean, really.

xoxo, Mallory

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Buy An External Hard Drive

How many times have I read a post on someone else’s blog about how their hard drive crashed and took every single picture of theirs with it? How many people begged me to buy an external hard drive so the same thing wouldn’t happen to me? How was I so sure I was immune to it all?

R.Simple Life | Buy A Hard Drive

My hard drive crashed. It’s going to cost well above what the computer was worth brand new to recover anything (unless my neighbor can work his magic on it… fingers crossed). Basically, I have resigned myself to the fact that I lost every singe image that was saved on that hard drive. Meaning, all the pictures of Harry’s first eight months.

I’ve cried about this a handful of times (and in fact I’m trying to not tear up thinking about the pictures of little three day old Harry on Papa’s chest, or three month old Harry sitting up for the first time, or Harry and Papa on the beach a month ago). I’ve kicked myself more than a handful of times. Why, why, why oh why was I so comfortable keeping every single image on that hard drive, and only that hard drive?

I know pictures are just pictures. It’s the the quantity of pictures, but the quality. And lucky for me, I have this blog. This blog that I have uploaded a lot of my favorite pictures. So I haven’t lost everything. But I lost a lot. It’s been a particularly emotional week for me.

Harry is growing by the minute. Every time I blink I swear he gets bigger or learns to do something new. Yesterday he stood on his own two legs, not hanging on to anything, for a good ten seconds. He was so proud of himself. I don’t have a picture of that – it’s all in my brain. So why am I so upset that I lost all of my pictures?

Because he’s only this big once. He’s only in the stage once. He’s going to be graduating high school before I know it, and all I will have from this stage of his life are pictures (and that one outfit I forced him into until his head wouldn’t fit through the neck anymore, because I’m sure I’ll save that). I’m not a particularly sentimental person. But for some reason, these pictures are killing me.

I know. I’m being a little dramatic. But please. Please, please, please learn from my mistake and back up your pictures. Print them out, put them on an external hard drive, upload them to a site like Flickr. Don’t be like me and ignore this piece of advice. Don’t lose pictures like that gorgeous one of Harry above. And please, cross your fingers than we can recover these pictures – without spending an arm and a leg.

xoxo, Mallory

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R.Simple Life | A Beautiful Mess App

That’s all. Just wanted to say “hi.”

xoxo, Mallory (and Harry)

PS LOVE A Beautiful Mess app (this was one of my first pictures, thus the extra little bit on the side there… don’t worry, it’s really easy to use, despite my initial confusion). LOVE it.

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Crazy 8’s Week Four


April 19

I never want to forget the way he holds on to my lips when he’s content.


April 20

Someone was wide awake at 6:30am. Someone else was only slightly awake.


April 21

I will never tire of taking this picture. Because one day, he won’t nap on me anymore.


April 22

Seriously, this is how he wakes up. Every time.


April 23

A pose with Mum.


April 24

Reading about planes before nap time (AKA making his room less upsetting).


April 25

Three of us snuggled on one chair. Calvin loves his baby.

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Crazy 8’s Week Three

Here we go with another week of the Crazy 8’s! This was supposed to go up Friday, but with everything happening in Boston, I didn’t post. So enjoy with your Monday Morning coffee.


April 12

This situation resulted in a two and a half hour nap. For two boys and a cat. Not for Mum.


April 13

I mean seriously, how cute is he when he wakes up?


April 14

Family portrait the MySpace way. Also, Harry has the cutest outfit in the bunch.


April 15

Someone woke up from his nap and would not let go of George.


April 16

Post Run for Boston sweaty Mum, but super cute Harry.


April 17

Again with this boy and his monkey. Slays me.


April 18

I was working, he was hanging out with Papa. But keeping an eye on me too.

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