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From Michigan

Growing up in Michigan | R.Simple Life

Have you ever noticed how many people are from Michigan? I have. No matter where you go you run into someone from the Mitten and I for one wear my Michigan pride front and center. It’s such a great place to be from. Beautiful, snowy, Midwestern winters with skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and coffee dates… warm summer nights filled with lakeside bonfires and fireflies… a million lakes to swim and boat and fish and ski on (take that Minnesota – a million lakes).

The great thing about being from Michigan though? Enjoying the best times of the year when you go back to visit. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to live in Michigan again. Maybe somewhere on the west side of the state? Or Up North? Or even just close to Ann Arbor (it’s such a great little town – have you ever been?). But staying away from the slushy gray end of February snow is great. And avoiding the mosquitos for all but one week of the summer is ideal. And perfecting your non-Michigan accent only to have every nasal-y “a” come right back to you the second you land at DTW is really kind of fun.

Have you ever been to Michigan? If not, you simply must go. Head up to Mackinac Island in the summer for a bike ride and taffy. Or swim in Lake Michigan and watch the sunset while wearing your favorite sweatshirt. Or visit Detroit and imagine how it used to be. Just go. It’s beautiful.

xoxo Mallory


Thankful for Snow, Baby

Snow Baby | R.Simple Life

Hey guys. Sorry for the quiet. I’ve been busy introducing Harry to cold and snow, which, of course, he loves. He’s our kid afterall. It’ll probably be a bit of a quiet week this week too, just as a heads up. I hope you are all enjoying some turkey or sweet potato casserole or pumpkin pie (pick your poison) this week! If I don’t check in before Thanksgiving, I hope yours is merry & bright and maybe a little white.

Also, I’m thankful for my family. My husband, who takes care of us from near or far, my baby boy who makes every day fun, my parents and siblings who help so much and are always good company, and my extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who are just as good as family) who hold a special place in my heart. That’s my biggest thanks this year. I’ve got a good family.

xoxo, Mallory

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R.Simple Michigan Vacation

This is essentially a photo dump from our Michigan trip. With a few words thrown in to explain the pictures. I hope your eyes are ready for a feast, because you’re going to love Michigan through R.SimpleEyes. Well… really it’s a lot of pictures of Harry. So I hope you like to look at him.

IMG_5063 IMG_5049

Here we are on Harry’s first ever plane ride. A whole lot of Brown Bear was read on that trip, but he handled it like a charm.

R.SimpleLife | R.Simple Michigan Vacation R.SimpleLife | R.Simple Michigan Vacation R.SimpleLife | R.Simple Michigan Vacation

That gorgeous old farm house is where we stayed. It’s also where I spent a lot of my weekends growing up. I love that place.

R.Simple Life | R.Simple Michigan Vacation IMG_5112

These two were from our anniversary. We have taken a picture on our anniversary every year since we’ve been married and this year it got official. We’re starting a tradition to take a picture of our family every year to see how much we change and grow. I’m kind of really excited.

DSC_0152 DSC_0144 DSC_0130

And now we start the series on, why don’t you pull out your camera more often, Mallory? Seriously. I love having pictures of our family (top is us, obviously; middle is Jon, his dad (and Harry’s namesake), his brother, and Harry; bottom is Jon’s family). It makes me happy to have these updated family pictures. But do I have one of my family? Nope. Pull our your dang camera more often Mallory.

R.Simple Life | R.Simple Michigan Vacation R.Simple Life | R.Simple Michigan Vacation R.Simple Life | R.Simple Michigan Vacation

Have you guys seen these chinese lanterns? They blow sparklers out of the water. So much fun. Also, Harry eats a peach.

http://www.stylemepretty.com/2013/07/16/new-jersey-winery-wedding-from-kay-english/ IMG_5071 IMG_5134 IMG_5139

Just a few pictures of my cute kid, who did phenomenally on this trip. He cut a tooth, slept somewhere different for just about every nap, and was passed around to what must have been 90 different people. And he only pooped on one of them.

You guys. First of all, sorry if you don’t care about our quick trip to Michigan. But, considering how cute that little lettuce eater is in that last picture, I’m pretty sure I just gave you all a treat. Man, this makes me miss that Mitten State!

xoxo, Mallory

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Pure Michigan

R.Simple Life | Pure Michigan

So… sorry for the radio silence last week. The three of us snuck away for a trip to the homeland. Pure Michigan. And while it was crazy, busy, go, go, go the whole time (poor Harry met about 75 people, cut a tooth, and slept in a different place pretty much every time he napped) it was so wonderful.

Summertime in Michigan is fantastic (and if we’re being honest, so are Fall and Winter. Spring can sometimes leave a little something to be desired). We had a blast running around with fireworks and Chinese Lanterns, relaxing by the bonfire watching fireflies, boating on the lake, and eating some really great food.

Every time we go back it gets harder and harder to leave. My siblings are all getting older and are pretty cool now, our little family is growing and it’s so much fun to see Harry around the extended family, the weather is completely 100% better… We miss Michigan so much that we even Zillow-ed houses there. Not that we even have the option to move back for another 9 years, but it’s fun to dream, right?

It’s funny how badly we all just wanted to get out. Move away. Spread our wings. And now, I wouldn’t do anything to get back, but I’d do a lot. It’s one of my favorite places in the world… you’ve got Lake Michigan with it’s gorgeous sunsets, Metro Detroit with any shopping, food, entertainment you could ask for, Northern Michigan with some awesome outdoorsy activities, Mackinac Island with it’s bikes… and not to mention our nearest and dearest spread all around the state. We miss it.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday last week (we even enjoyed our first date night without Harry on our anniversary). I’ll be popping in this week a few highlights from our trip. But in the meantime, I’ll be sitting in the air conditioning dreaming about the gorgeous old farmhouse we found online. A girl can dream right?

xoxo, Mallory

PS that cute farmhouse up there isn’t for sale. It’s where I spent some pretty great years growing up.

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Miss Michigan

It’s no secret that I’m extra emotional right now. The waterworks can start at any moment for any reason. I’m extra sentimental. Everything makes me smile. The hormones are running rampant.

But after this weekend, holy cow I miss Michigan. Jonathan and I have always made it our job to create a home wherever we are. Home has been wherever we’re together. It’s been lots of houses, lots of cities. Therefore, we don’t usually get particularly homesick for our home state. In fact, we’ve never really totally considered Michigan to be our home state after leaving. We’ve toyed with the idea of retiring in so many places, Michigan just didn’t feel like home anymore.

I’m not sure if it’s this Mississippi weather that just doesn’t cool down, or if it’s the lack of cider mills and snow, or if it’s just that we’ve only been here six weeks. I really just have a feeling that it’s our family. We both are really missing family right now, especially with this little babe coming. We want him to grow up knowing just how loved he is, but not just by us – by everyone. We want him to grow up knowing his grandparents, aunts, uncles, extended family, and everyone who loves him. And a lot of those people are in Michigan.

For the first time ever, we are really, really considering retiring in Michigan. We miss the weather. The four seasons, and everything that comes with them. Lakes and corn in the summer, cider mills and changing leaves in the fall, so much snow in the winter, and the sun peeking through the clouds in the spring. We miss the people. Being able to pop over for dinner and a fire. Meeting up with cousins on the weekend. Being outdoors with the ones we love. We miss the culture and the diversity.

We miss Michigan, and are counting down the time until our next visit.

xoxo, Mallory

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