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More Things I Don’t Want to Forget (Again)

R.Simple Life | Things I don't want to forget about the six month stage

+ The way you practice talking, and how your mouth moves, when sometimes your voice hasn’t developed those words yet. Your mouth never stops moving, but the “Ah, ba, ya” stops coming out for a minute.

+ How you reach for us and stand up when you’re done being in the bath tub (which is pretty much right away lately).

+ Your soft breathing when you’re tired.

+ The face you make when you try a new food.

+ The feel of your hand, gently rubbing my arm when you eat.

+ How you look up at me with a big smile when we’re practicing your walking. Then you request a kiss.

+ The smile on your face as I walk with you passed the bathroom. You love to go in there and see yourself in the mirror, but if I forget, I get a little glimpse of your sweet grin as we walk by.

+ Your sweet arms wrapped around me when I get you from a nap. Your hugs are the best.

+ How determined you are to get milk when you’re hungry.

+ How big your feet look now… even though this is the smallest they’ll be from here out.

+ The way you squirm and try to get away from me when I change your diaper.

+ You absolute natural curiosity. There is no sitting still, no hands to yourself, no content with just laying when there are new things around.

+ How quick your feet are to start kicking the moment we enter the pool.

+ This stage of non-crawling. You’re right on the verge of it, but that doesn’t stop you from getting to where you want to be. You roll, scoot, inchworm to whatever it is you want.

+ Your determined spirit.

+ Your hair, and the different personality it embodies daily.

+ Two teeth! And they’re so sharp. But you’re big stuff now.

+ How much you love Duke now. There isn’t a day that I am not constantly pulling dog hair from your little hands or sweet mouth.

+ The content conversation you have with the ceiling fan after a good meal of milk.

xoxo, Mama

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More Things I Don’t Want to Forget

R.Simple Life | More Things I Don't Want to Forget

+ how helpful you are when I’m changing your diaper. Thanks for always holding the clean diaper.

+ the way your cheek is bright red and has my shirt marks on it for the few seconds after I lay you down for a nap.

+ and the way you immediately roll onto your side now, clutching your “blankie” too close to your face for Mama’s comfort.

+ these high pitched squealing screams you’re making. You’re trying so hard to talk.

+ how you put any straw in your mouth, even if you don’t fully understand how they work yet. You’ll get there, but for now, that expectant face and bottom jaw jut are the best.

+ the way you curl right into me, foreheads touching, when I pull you into bed at 5am.

+ the ferocity in which you get ready to eat when you’re really tired.

+ your “diaper filling” face.

+ all the kicking and wiggling that happens with Justin Timberlake is on the radio or Ellen is dancing on  TV.

+ how you sit still forever if I’m reading the right books.

+ how you arch your back and hold your breath if I’m reading the wrong books.

+ how determined you are to stand. And walk.

+ the way your feet cross over each other and sometimes go backwards when we are working on walking.

+ your love for “blankies.”

+ the light in your eyes when your Papa comes home.

+ the loving touch of your hand on my face when you’re feeling content. It’s the best feeling.

+ the way you enjoy Duke… but love Calvin.

+ our sweet conversations in the Moby.

+ how much you love music.

+ the way you practice talking quietly.

xoxo, Mama

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Things I don’t want to forget

R.Simple Life

+ The way your hair gets all fuzzy and matted in the back. It tickles my arm when I’m feeding you.

+ The squawking. Like a dinosaur. Seriously, like a dinosaur. Is it singing? You do it to Justin Timberlake. Is it talking? You did it at 6am this morning. Whatever it is, it’s the greatest.

+ The way your little hand holds on to my arm when you’re eating. And my shirt.

+ How soft your skin is. It blows my mind how soft your skin is.

+ How much you love to see yourself in the mirror.

+ The kisses. Oh, the kisses. Mouth wide open. In it to win it. The best is when you request them.

+ Your determination to stand. Just because you arch your entire body, little buddy, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically stand. But until you learn that, I’ll be there to help.

+ That sweet, gummy smile that greets Papa and me whenever you haven’t seen us for a while.

+ Your patience with reading. Sure, you have opinions about which books you want to read, but when we’re reading the right ones, you could sit there for hours.

+ Your little open mouth stare when the TV is on. Just like your Papa’s.

+ The way you kick and punch and rock your head side to side before you’re fully awake.

+ Your hair. Just, your hair.

+ Those first few seconds in the tub where your tongue comes out. What are you licking?

+ The way your little scratchy fingernails feel on my skin.

+ How you hold my lips in your hand when you’re tired. I think it’s a way to show me your affection.

+ The way you fall asleep in an instant as soon as I lie you down next to me.

+ The way your whole body tenses up as we walk down the stairs.

I love you Harry Bear.

xoxo, Mum

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Happy Weekend

Don’t you love it when a song takes you back to a specific place & time? Bruises by Chairlift came on my Pandora station while I was working this morning and all of a sudden, it was 2009 and I was in Las Vegas with J.

Have a wonderful weekend loves. Hopefully my Sunday will be the best.

xoxo, Mallory

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