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Audubon Zoo, New Orleans

Audubon Zoo New Orleans | R.Simple LifeAudubon Zoo New Orleans | R.Simple LifeAudubon Zoo New Orleans | R.Simple LifeAudubon Zoo New Orleans | R.Simple LifeAudubon Zoo New Orleans | R.Simple LifeAudubon Zoo New Orleans | R.Simple LifeAudubon Zoo, New Orleans | R.Simple LifeAudubon Zoo New Orleans | R.Simple LifeAudubon Zoo New Orleans | R.Simple Life

Before there was the Denver Zoo, there was the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. It was Harry’s first zoo visit and I couldn’t let it pass without a little recognition on the blog. Side note, check out that boy’s eyelashes.

As a family rule, we love the zoo. It’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday and it never gets old. But as I get on in age and wisdom, a part of me is sad at the zoo. I know they are for conservation. I know we’re working on breeding and increasing dying populations. But those cages get me. Which is why I love to see the peacocks.

The peacocks aren’t confined in a cage, though if they’d like to be, they just hop right in. We saw a whole herd of them hanging out with a little fox at the Denver Zoo. They had taken over this little guy’s cage and I don’t think he minded, having visitors. But usually, you see the peacocks walking around like all the humans. Perching in a tree for a birds eye view. Hanging out with all their animal friends on their own free will. I like to think of them as the little ambassadors of the zoo. Walking around from cage to cage, stopping to talk to each of the animals, bring them their daily dose of beauty. What do you think they’re talking about?

Anyway, in case you weren’t quite finished with the photo dump from Colorado, I figured I’d feed your addiction. The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans is quite nice. It’s big, it’s pretty, and there are so many beautiful exhibits. And of course, trees full of peacocks.

xoxo Mallory

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More Things I Never Want to Forget (part 100?)

Things I don't want to forget about the 14 month old stage | R.Simple Life

+ The way your stinky little foot scoots along the ground like a little snake looking for a nose, and how funny you think it is when we basically faint at the smell.

+ Your hand, straight to my hair, the second I pick you up. And the way you rub it all over your face.

+ You always want the three of us to be together. When Papa’s not here that sweet little way you say “Papa?” and I’m told it’s the same “Mama?” when I’m gone.

+ “Up!”

+ Dirty knees. We’ve entered the age of not being able to wear the same pants two days in a row because they’re dirty. And they’re also starting to wear thin. I can’t wait until you get your first ripped knee hole.

+ On that note, the worn down toes on your Nikes.

+ Your run. It’s the cutest.

+ How sweet your face is when you come around the corner with a book you so thoughtfully picked out. You hand it to me and we read it, right then, right there.

+ This little parrot stage. You repeat everything. And it’s the best.

+ “Peeda Budabuta.” (Peanut butter). And how much you love it. Just like your Mama.

+ Toy Story is called “Buzz” to you. I would have liked for you to pick Woody, but you’ve got a mind of your own and Buzz is your guy.

+ Your little morning buffets when I’m too tired to realize you’ve been snacking on and off for 35 minutes.

+ The in-between stage with your clothes. Your little big belly is popping out of half of your clothes, but your cutie little booty doesn’t quite fill out the next size up.

+ The way you lay your head on my stomach/chest and just cuddle.

+ Your sweet 12-tooth smile.

+ How clingy you are lately. You’re the happiest when Mama is carrying you around the house.

+ Every blankie is fair game and every pillow pile is to dive into. And when it’s not deep enough, and you hit your nose on the ground, how confused and mad you get.

+ Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” and it’s calming powers.

xoxo Mama

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Denver Zoo for the Win

The Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple Life

Here’s a little bit of Recor trivia for you… did you know that Jon and I are huge zoo nuts? We were card holding members to the Denver Zoo for all three of the years we lived in Colorado. We were in college and instead of staying out late partying Saturday night, we were waking up early Sunday morning to trek down to the zoo.

So it only made sense that we needed to take Harry there. To show him our old stomping grounds. To visit Dolly the elephant. To check out the new digs for Dolly. And to ride the carousel for the very first time. It was epic.

And thus concludes our Colorado Family Vacation Photo Dump. I’m sorry if that’s sad for you. If you find yourself having withdrawals, you can always keep up with us through my Instagram, but tomorrow we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled posting.

xoxo Mallory

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Eldorado Springs Hike

IMG_9217 IMG_9220 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset IMG_9221 IMG_9218Eldorado Springs, Colorado Hike | R.Simple LifeEldorado Springs, Colorado Hike | R.Simple LifeEldorado Springs, Colorado Hike | R.Simple LifeEldorado Springs, Colorado Hike | R.Simple LifeEldorado Springs, Colorado Hike | R.Simple Life

Photo dump alert. Get ready for all sorts of pictures from our Colorado vacation. First on the list? An Eldorado Springs hike. Jon, Harry, and I joined my sister, my college roommate and her baby girl, Charlie. It was beautiful. Man, it made me miss those mountains though.

The hike was pretty flat, nice and easy for us flat-landers, but the views. Oh man. The views were unbelievable. I mean, you saw the pictures. Just imagine that times about a hundred.

Tune in tomorrow for scenes from our trip to Breckenridge and Fairplay, because you better believe I’m stretching this photo dump out. If you don’t care about our vacation… tune in sometime next week. Maybe I’ll be done with my love letter to Colorado by then.

xoxo Mallory

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Looking Back on a Year of Motherhood

R.Simple Life | The first year of motherhood

Well, tomorrow is my first son’s first birthday and I have about a million emotions running through my veins today. It’s impossible to make sense of them all, but they are all facets of either excitement, disbelief, or a strange kind of sadness. It’s insane to think that one year ago Harry was still living inside of my body, getting ready to take one of the biggest, hardest (quickest) journeys of his young life.

The last year has been the very best year of my life. It’s held some of the most rewarding moments, some of the happiest tears, and some of the toughest times. I’ve slept less than ever, smiled more than ever, and shed enough tears to fill a lake, but it really, really has been the best year of my life. I feel like I was born to be Harry’s mama. Not born to be a mom, no, but born to be Harry’s mama. I don’t question my instincts with this boy, and so far, they’ve all been pretty good.

I’ve changed in so many ways over the last twelve months – some predictable, some surprising. I can only imagine this little boy is going to continue rocking my world and changing me for the rest of my time, and I am so thankful for that. He has made me a better person, without a doubt. That’s the thing about the people you love, they make you want to be better. Harry did it and his Papa did it before him.

So tomorrow I’ll put on the dress I wore the day I met my little boy for the first time, and take about three million pictures, mental and digital. I’ll probably cry more than once, and I’m sure I’ll laugh the whole day through. But today I’m thinking about all the ways motherhood has changed me, and I’m here to share just a few.

My heart grew. I’m serious. I’ll admit the thing we all feel but don’t want to say when we’re thinking about having children: I was worried I wouldn’t be able to love this little baby enough because my heart was already full of love for his father. But boy, was I wrong. My heart grew enough to not only hold all the love I have for Harry, but all the extra love I have for Jon. That’s something they don’t warn you about – the second you have a baby, the love you have for that babies other parent quadruples by the minute. Sometimes the love spills out in tears (for no other reason but how much love I have for the two of them) but somehow my heart grew.

My pant size shrunk. I was not expecting this. Sure, the first few months where I lost the baby weight, I expected. But due to the change in my diet, the discipline in my workouts, and the breastfeeding, I’ve shed the baby weight plus 10 pounds and my butt is higher. I really have a much healthier diet and my new (this year) squat rack to thank for those extra 10 pounds and the lifted booty, but Harry brought on the healthy diet and the need for a squat rack in my garage, so I’m chalking this one up to parenthood too. Plus, breastfeeding.

I started eating healthier. It began with cutting out dairy because Harry was having a bad reaction to it, and realizing I was lactose intolerant. Then I cut out simple grains and realized I feel about 100 times better while sustaining a healthy diet. If you can pick it from a tree, dig it from the ground, or find it on a farm, I’ll eat it. And having a clean diet of whole ingredients only (read: no processed foods) really makes me feel so much better. I even have more energy now. And the extra bonus? When Harry started eating, he was able to eat everything I was already making – because I was eating so healthy.

I cried, a lot. I cried because I was happy, I cried because I was sad. I cried when I was proud, frustrated, in love, overwhelmed… I just cried so much. As a crier, I’ve always been prone to watery eyes, but there’s just something about sending your heart to live outside of your body that makes you want to cry even more.

I became more disciplined. There is nothing like a baby to rock your schedule like nothing else. I learned to do things quicker and more efficiently. I learned that unless I make the time for something in advance, it’s probably not going to happen. I learned to have a routine and a schedule, but to be ready to break it at a moments notice.

I became more flexible. On the other hand, having a baby teaches the most rigid Type-A’s to break up the routine and be a little more go with the flow. The minute I felt like I had a finger on Harry’s schedule, he’d change it up. So I learned to be flexible.

I started living for someone else. I’m selfish, I’ll be the first one to tell you that. Before I had Harry, I was legitimately worried about how I would handle the lack of sleep and early mornings when I was so used to my 8-9 hours of beauty rest. I worried that I’d miss doing things on a whim, seeing movies, choosing activities based on my wants and needs. When Harry and his sweet little dinosaur arms reached for me the first time, that all changed. Everything I did, I did for him. The midnight  (and 3am, 4am, etc.) feedings didn’t bother me. Waking up early was fine, if that’s what he needed. I will drop everything to dance with the little boy who pulls on my shirt when the right song comes on. It was like someone flipped a switch and I was completely selfless when it came to my son. And I love that feeling.

There are so many more ways my little boy has changed me, all for the better, but this post is veering on the rambling side and I’m ready to sit here and dream about the last year. If you take one thing from this post, take this: being a mother, being Harry’s mother, has changed me forever – in the very, very best way possible. I can’t thank my little guy enough for that.

xoxo Mallory

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More Things I Never Want to Forget

R.Simple Life | More Things I don't want to forget

+ How warm the back of your head is on my cheek when you’re asleep on my shoulder. Also, how heavy you are on my chest.

+ That everything is fair game. Everything is something to play with. And you always need to be playing with something.

+ The way you light up when you see swings. They don’t even have to be swings we’ve ever been to. You know they are swings, and you want to go to them.

+ The gigantic kisses I get when I get you out of your crib at 6am.

+ How quickly you can flip over and crawl away the second I take off your diaper.

+ How fast you go when the refrigerator is open.

+ Your sweet face and how much you look like your Papa when you look at me out of the top of your eyes.

+ The way you play with my hair when you’re nursing… and turn my head into a rats nest.

+ The trail of terror that seems to follow you wherever you go.

+ How much you love beans and blueberries.

+The way you close your eyes when you don’t want to eat. It’s like if you can’t see the food, it’s not there.

+ Your teeny, tiny waist.

+ Those top four teeth peeking out from under that top lip.

+ How extremely happy you are 80% of the time.

+ How extremely happy you make me 100% of the time.

xoxo, Mama

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A Day (or two) at the Pool

Feel free to skip this post if you’re not directly related to me. Or even if you are. Grandparents may be the only ones who enjoy this post. It’s about Harry’s first trip to the pool.

R.Simple Life | A Day (or two) at the PoolR.Simple Life | A Day (or two) at the PoolR.Simple Life | A Day (or two) at the Pool

It started out like any other day. Hot and sunny. We decided a trip to the pool was necessary. So we put on the sunscreen, donned our bathing suits, and hoofed it over to the community center pool. As we were walking in, we learned that someone had, ahem, dirtied the pool. So to avoid e. coli, we stuck to the splash pad. What a bust.

First trip to the pool, take two. We woke up to another perfect pool day. Dare we try another attempt to the giant potty? Crossing our fingers that there would be no floaters this time, we put on the sunscreen (again), donned our bathing suits (again), and hoofed it (again) over to the community center pool. This time we were greeted by a blue, sparkly, cold body of water. We took one million photos, and then Jon took Harry into the pool.

At first, Harry’s was unfazed. His expression didn’t change after the transfer from the warm air to the cold pool. It was like nothing had happened. But then. I’m not sure if it was the cold water, or the crowd of extra loud children, or the fact that Papa had sunglasses and wet hair and looked a little different, but whatever it was, it was not good. It was scary and upsetting. So Mama came to the rescue and Harry and I sat happily on the steps for the rest of our time, splashing with our feet and enjoying the sunshine.

We’ll try again this weekend. And this time maybe we’ll go a little slower, and make sure Papa doesn’t look different.

xoxo, Mallory

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Crazy 8’s Week Three

Here we go with another week of the Crazy 8’s! This was supposed to go up Friday, but with everything happening in Boston, I didn’t post. So enjoy with your Monday Morning coffee.


April 12

This situation resulted in a two and a half hour nap. For two boys and a cat. Not for Mum.


April 13

I mean seriously, how cute is he when he wakes up?


April 14

Family portrait the MySpace way. Also, Harry has the cutest outfit in the bunch.


April 15

Someone woke up from his nap and would not let go of George.


April 16

Post Run for Boston sweaty Mum, but super cute Harry.


April 17

Again with this boy and his monkey. Slays me.


April 18

I was working, he was hanging out with Papa. But keeping an eye on me too.

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