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Do you kiss your kids on the lips?

Do you kiss your kids on the lips? | R.Simple Life
Sweet kiss photo by Christy Nicole Photography

Saturday morning Harry and I were awake and laying in bed before Jon woke up. His peaceful sleeping face was too tempting for me and I told Harry to give his Papa a kiss on the lips, and Harry went for it. He woke his Papa up with a nice wet one, smack dab on the lips. Which wouldn’t be such a big deal, except Jon doesn’t kiss Harry on the lips.

I mentioned this in the caption of a recent Instagram of mine and the reaction was interesting. Most people didn’t understand how or why Jon resists those sweet little Harry lips. But he’s said it since before Harry was born, he won’t kiss our kids on the lips. The head, the nose, the cheek, but not the lips.

Let’s just preface this with: I am not from a kissing family. I don’t kiss my parents on the lips and I don’t really ever remember doing so. But there was never a question whether I’d kiss Harry on the lips, and the moment I saw that sweet little pout, it was all confirmed. I’d be a lip-kisser. And I plan on being a lip-kisser until the day Harry is done with it.

I’m curious, do you kiss your kids (or will you) on the lips? Also, do you kiss your parents on the lips? I think it’s interesting that I don’t kiss my parents, but can’t get enough of those baby lips.

xoxo Mallory

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