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29 Things I Love About You

On the eve of my sweet husband’s 29th birthday, I’d like to share 29 reasons I love him. Feel free to skip this post, unless your name is Jonathan, or you’re feeling especially lovey and/or sentimental today.

R.Simple Life | 29 Things I Love About You

1. I love the way you hold my hand when we’re driving on the highway.

2. I love your laugh, especially when it’s funnier than the joke.

3. I love how your eyes squint when you’re looking at the tv or anything further than five feet away from you.

4. I love how much you love our son.

5. I love the way you smell right after you shave.

6. I love that you stayed calm and comforted me when I cut off a chunk of your hair.

7. I love your generous spirit.

8. I love your complete lack of time awareness.

9. I love that you inch closer and closer to me when we’re sleeping, until I have to ask you to scoot back over.

10. I love that you sing.

11. I love that you cook amazing meals for me.

12. I love the support you always have for me.

13. I love your hugs.

14. I love your kisses.

15. I love that you always say “a tisket, a tasket.”

16. I love that you took me to Disney World to propose, when you knew I’d say yes in our driveway.

17. I love that you always encourage me to be better.

18. I love your freckles.

19. I love how proud you are when you come up with a brilliant idea (that I planted in your head weeks ago).

20. I love that you think I’m beautiful.

21. I love the role model you are to our son.

22. I love how invested you are in our future.

23. I love the effort you put into everything you do.

24. I love that changing diapers doesn’t phase you.

25. I love that you miss bath time.

26. I love the “tsst” noise you make at the top of your squat.

27. I love that you consider me your best friend.

28. I love how much you love croissants.

29. I love everything about you. Everything.

xoxo, Your Rory

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Dinner and a Story

R.Simple Life | Dinner and a Story

Or, how Papa keeps Harry entertained while Mama makes dinner… even from Missouri.

xoxo, Mallory

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A Beachy Sunrise

R.Simple Life | A Beachy Sunrise

These two are really, really good for my heart.

xoxo, Mallory

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Baby in a Backpack

R.Simple Life | Baby in a Backpack

I’m also so thankful for that man there, but after a rough teething night like last night, I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. (Whoops, I just got mushy.)

xoxo, Mallory

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R.Simple Michigan Vacation

This is essentially a photo dump from our Michigan trip. With a few words thrown in to explain the pictures. I hope your eyes are ready for a feast, because you’re going to love Michigan through R.SimpleEyes. Well… really it’s a lot of pictures of Harry. So I hope you like to look at him.

IMG_5063 IMG_5049

Here we are on Harry’s first ever plane ride. A whole lot of Brown Bear was read on that trip, but he handled it like a charm.

R.SimpleLife | R.Simple Michigan Vacation R.SimpleLife | R.Simple Michigan Vacation R.SimpleLife | R.Simple Michigan Vacation

That gorgeous old farm house is where we stayed. It’s also where I spent a lot of my weekends growing up. I love that place.

R.Simple Life | R.Simple Michigan Vacation IMG_5112

These two were from our anniversary. We have taken a picture on our anniversary every year since we’ve been married and this year it got official. We’re starting a tradition to take a picture of our family every year to see how much we change and grow. I’m kind of really excited.

DSC_0152 DSC_0144 DSC_0130

And now we start the series on, why don’t you pull out your camera more often, Mallory? Seriously. I love having pictures of our family (top is us, obviously; middle is Jon, his dad (and Harry’s namesake), his brother, and Harry; bottom is Jon’s family). It makes me happy to have these updated family pictures. But do I have one of my family? Nope. Pull our your dang camera more often Mallory.

R.Simple Life | R.Simple Michigan Vacation R.Simple Life | R.Simple Michigan Vacation R.Simple Life | R.Simple Michigan Vacation

Have you guys seen these chinese lanterns? They blow sparklers out of the water. So much fun. Also, Harry eats a peach.

http://www.stylemepretty.com/2013/07/16/new-jersey-winery-wedding-from-kay-english/ IMG_5071 IMG_5134 IMG_5139

Just a few pictures of my cute kid, who did phenomenally on this trip. He cut a tooth, slept somewhere different for just about every nap, and was passed around to what must have been 90 different people. And he only pooped on one of them.

You guys. First of all, sorry if you don’t care about our quick trip to Michigan. But, considering how cute that little lettuce eater is in that last picture, I’m pretty sure I just gave you all a treat. Man, this makes me miss that Mitten State!

xoxo, Mallory

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It Was a Day for Papa’s

R.Simple Life | Our Father's Day

Yesterday was Jon’s first Father’s Day. It was awesome. We did nothing, and everything. We lounged in bed after our 5:30am wake up call (thanks Harry), opened presents, went out to breakfast, charmed all the waitresses, and worked around the house. All followed by an enormous nap and even bigger steaks. Perfection, if I do say so myself.

I’m lucky to have a few pretty great dad’s in my life. Jon is such an amazing father to our son. I know Harry’s going to grow up with a built in hero that he just adores. He’s already my hero, and I already adore him. My dad is pretty stinking special. He taught me to be independent, driven, happy, and he gave me a strong love of running. I’ve got grandfathers and uncles who make pretty great dads themselves. And then we have friends who have shared their dads with us. And they’re all pretty great too.

I hope you all had a perfect day yesterday, and so much love to all the Papas.

xoxo, Mallory

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A Day (or two) at the Pool

Feel free to skip this post if you’re not directly related to me. Or even if you are. Grandparents may be the only ones who enjoy this post. It’s about Harry’s first trip to the pool.

R.Simple Life | A Day (or two) at the PoolR.Simple Life | A Day (or two) at the PoolR.Simple Life | A Day (or two) at the Pool

It started out like any other day. Hot and sunny. We decided a trip to the pool was necessary. So we put on the sunscreen, donned our bathing suits, and hoofed it over to the community center pool. As we were walking in, we learned that someone had, ahem, dirtied the pool. So to avoid e. coli, we stuck to the splash pad. What a bust.

First trip to the pool, take two. We woke up to another perfect pool day. Dare we try another attempt to the giant potty? Crossing our fingers that there would be no floaters this time, we put on the sunscreen (again), donned our bathing suits (again), and hoofed it (again) over to the community center pool. This time we were greeted by a blue, sparkly, cold body of water. We took one million photos, and then Jon took Harry into the pool.

At first, Harry’s was unfazed. His expression didn’t change after the transfer from the warm air to the cold pool. It was like nothing had happened. But then. I’m not sure if it was the cold water, or the crowd of extra loud children, or the fact that Papa had sunglasses and wet hair and looked a little different, but whatever it was, it was not good. It was scary and upsetting. So Mama came to the rescue and Harry and I sat happily on the steps for the rest of our time, splashing with our feet and enjoying the sunshine.

We’ll try again this weekend. And this time maybe we’ll go a little slower, and make sure Papa doesn’t look different.

xoxo, Mallory

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Crazy 8’s Week Three

Here we go with another week of the Crazy 8’s! This was supposed to go up Friday, but with everything happening in Boston, I didn’t post. So enjoy with your Monday Morning coffee.


April 12

This situation resulted in a two and a half hour nap. For two boys and a cat. Not for Mum.


April 13

I mean seriously, how cute is he when he wakes up?


April 14

Family portrait the MySpace way. Also, Harry has the cutest outfit in the bunch.


April 15

Someone woke up from his nap and would not let go of George.


April 16

Post Run for Boston sweaty Mum, but super cute Harry.


April 17

Again with this boy and his monkey. Slays me.


April 18

I was working, he was hanging out with Papa. But keeping an eye on me too.

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