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Denver Zoo for the Win

The Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple LifeThe Denver Zoo | R.Simple Life

Here’s a little bit of Recor trivia for you… did you know that Jon and I are huge zoo nuts? We were card holding members to the Denver Zoo for all three of the years we lived in Colorado. We were in college and instead of staying out late partying Saturday night, we were waking up early Sunday morning to trek down to the zoo.

So it only made sense that we needed to take Harry there. To show him our old stomping grounds. To visit Dolly the elephant. To check out the new digs for Dolly. And to ride the carousel for the very first time. It was epic.

And thus concludes our Colorado Family Vacation Photo Dump. I’m sorry if that’s sad for you. If you find yourself having withdrawals, you can always keep up with us through my Instagram, but tomorrow we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled posting.

xoxo Mallory

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Thankful for Snow, Baby

Snow Baby | R.Simple Life

Hey guys. Sorry for the quiet. I’ve been busy introducing Harry to cold and snow, which, of course, he loves. He’s our kid afterall. It’ll probably be a bit of a quiet week this week too, just as a heads up. I hope you are all enjoying some turkey or sweet potato casserole or pumpkin pie (pick your poison) this week! If I don’t check in before Thanksgiving, I hope yours is merry & bright and maybe a little white.

Also, I’m thankful for my family. My husband, who takes care of us from near or far, my baby boy who makes every day fun, my parents and siblings who help so much and are always good company, and my extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who are just as good as family) who hold a special place in my heart. That’s my biggest thanks this year. I’ve got a good family.

xoxo, Mallory

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R.Simple Life | Throwback Thursday

It’s kind of awesome to see this picture. (Can you spot me?) Some of these girls are sisters, some of us are cousins, some of us are third cousins. And we’re all grown up. There’s a fashion model in there… a graphic designer… a psych grad student… an assistant director at a childhood learning center. Some of us are married, some of us are single. Some of us live on our own, some of us still live with family. We’re spread all over the US. But in this moment of time, we’re all just a bunch of girls, having a lot of fun.

xoxo, Mallory

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Snapshots of the Weekend

This weekend pretty much sped by. Does anyone else feel like they need a day in between Saturday and Sunday? I would use it to clean and paint my toenails. What about you?


My mom came down this weekend for a visit. It included lots of cooking and cleaning (thanks mom!) and infinite amounts of reading, swinging, singing, and laughing with this kid. And maybe a few too many grandma snuggles when Harry just wanted to explore. But that’s what grandma’s are for, right? (At least, that’s what she’d tell you đŸ˜‰


I threw a baby shower for a good friend of mine here this weekend (thus all the cooking and cleaning). But I was a really bad blogger and took zero pictures. I did remember to snap this one of my favorite baby shower game AFTER the party was over and I had already cleaned up the super pretty dessert table underneath. Whoops. I’ll work on being a better blogger.


And of course, there was a lot of time just spent with this kid. The best kind of time. In fact, he held me down and gave me kisses Sunday morning. I was in heaven.

How was your weekend?

xoxo, Mallory

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Through Harry’s Eyes

R.Simple Life | The way he looks at Papa

There is just something about the way he looks at us. Makes me try really hard to be the best human I can be.

xoxo, Mallory

PS Happy birthday Meemaw!

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Happy Graduation Auntie Jillian!

R.Simple Life | Harry and the Graduate

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday. Harry and I spent 15.5 hours in the car the last two days so we could see his Auntie Jillian graduate from grad school. Totally worth every hour on the road to see this girl graduate. And Harry was a champion. I’m so proud of him.

xoxo, Mallory

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Tracey Punches Guillain-BarrĂ© in the Face

R.Simple Life | Pretty Pregnant Mama

A couple of years ago, Jonathan and I were invited to a wedding. A wedding celebrating the nuptials of two of our greatest friends. Two people I had lived with in college. Two people who drove from Colorado to Michigan for one night (our wedding night). Two people I consider to be forever friends. James and Tracey.

As luck would have it (or not have it, if you will) Jonathan was in pilot training at the time, and though we thought he would have the weekend off to join me in the celebration, unforeseeable Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training tasks came up, as they always do. So I grabbed another lifelong friend who was way too kind when she volunteered to drive the 11+ hours to Colorado with me (and back!) to join me as my stand in “Jon” the wedding.

The wedding was gorgeous. So much fun. I got to break out some dance moves no one (including myself) realized I had. But there was one part of the night when my pseudo-husband looked at me very confused. You see, the wedding speeches started to get heavy. People were so grateful that Tracey was able to celebrate her wedding, when so many years before, they didn’t know if she was even going to make it to her 18th birthday.

That was one of the (many) times I was reminded how lucky I am to have Tracey in my life. To have her as a lifelong friend. You see, eight years ago, she had something called Guillain-Barré Syndrome. But she can tell you that story much better than I.

Tracey proved to be a valuable person to know while we were living 1,200 miles away from our family while attending Colorado State University. She was more than a friend, she was family. Her parents took us in on holidays, or when we were homeless for a night while moving, or just when we needed family. Tracey was and will always be part of my family, and I’m just so lucky to have her in my life.

If you’d like to read Tracey’s story, here it is. You’ll probably need a tissue or two. But know this. Today, Tracey is as healthy as ever. She’s strong, she’s beautiful, and she’s about to become a Mama to a lucky little girl. And coincidentally, her daughter and Harry will have almost exactly the same difference in age as Tracey and I do. Those two little babies have just made friends for life, and they don’t even know it yet. But they are lucky. As am I.

xoxo, Mallory

image courtesy of Anastasia Rae Photography

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I Can’t Live Without

Essentials for the first month

Well, tomorrow marks four weeks of blissful mommy- and daddy-hood. Four weeks. This weekend makes ONE MONTH. How has my little man been here so long already? I guess it’s true what they say – the time really does fly. It hasn’t all been kittens and roses, but even the 3am feedings are pretty magical. I love being a mom to Harry. There is nothing that could turn me off from it. It’s perfection.

I’m relearning what I already knew – advice sucks. Be it conflicting theories in child rearing books (SO much of that) or the well meaning musings of friends, family, and strangers, advice is something that is going in one ear and out the other in this household. I feel like I know my son well enough to know if I need to read up on something, ask a friend, or just trust my gut. And more often than not, after reading and discussing, I go with my gut anyway.

But here I am, giving advice. I have lots of friends who are pregnant with their first child right now, and many of them have asked me what I found helpful in the hospital and the first few weeks. Instead of giving each pregnant lady I know the much dreaded advice, I thought I’d compile a list of the things that got us through the first four weeks. So if you’re not into advice (I don’t blame you) feel free to skip this post. Though, I tried to make it as much of a “These were our favorite things” list and less of a “You simply MUST have this” list.

1. Newborn onesies. When I say newborn, I don’t mean 0-3 months. I wish I would have had more simple, white, newborn onesies. The first couple of days of Harry’s life, we went through three or more of these a day. I was convinced my baby was going to be big enough to fit into the 0-3 months onesies from the beginning, even if they were a bit baggy. But I forgot that babies lose weight in the first two weeks. Harry was born at 7lbs 4oz, but he was down to 6lbs 13 oz when we left the hospital. Newborn onesies were what he LIVED in for the first two and a half weeks. The cute clothes didn’t fit yet, and honestly, he soiled them so often I would have gotten frustrated putting a new outfit on him every two hours.

Oh, and bonus points for onesies and shirts that open in the front (and have built in mittens). Then you don’t have to pull them over his head (and he doesn’t scratch his face off). Which makes him a whole lot happier, and me feel like a way better parent.

2. Tucks pads (or similar witch hazel pads). Without going into too much detail for some of my readers who really don’t want to hear about this (Hi, Papa) these were necessary and such a huge relief for the first two weeks. There were times when I thought to myself that I would never heal, never feel better, never be able to sit normal again. But these were a sweet, sweet relief. Stock up.

3. Nursing tank tops. I lived in these, night and day, for the first couple of days. Your (ahem) ladies get so swollen you can’t even think about putting on a bra, even a nursing bra, but you need support and quick access. I still sleep in these at night. Grab at least 3-4. You’ll be doing laundry every day, if you’re anything like me and your baby is anything like Mr. McBlowout Diapers, but sometimes you’ll need to change in the middle of the night. I had 3 and I wished I had one more.

5. A soft chair. In the hospital, I didn’t sit on anything but the soft bed. So when I came home (oh, bring a pillow to sit on in the car) it wasn’t easy to sit on much aside from my bed or the couch. Luckily, my office chair has a bit of a cushion. I used it at our dining table for weeks.

6. Total Baby (iPhone app). For tracking dirty diapers (and their variety), feedings, sleep, baths, shots, doctor’s appointments and so much more. I love this app. Buy the $5 version. It is worth it’s price in the first 4 hours.

7. Different diaper varieties. When we were in the hospital, we used Huggies Little Snugglers for Newborns. They were great. But when we got home, I tried to use the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Newborn diapers… and they were just a tiny bit too big. Both sized for little newborns, but one worked for the first 10 days, and then (as luck would have it right as we ran out of the Huggies) the other fit perfectly. Different brands fit differently, so I would say to stock up on different brands when you’re buying diapers. Who knows what will work for your baby. Oh, and before going out to buy more newborn sized diapers, try a size one on your baby. You’ll be surprised that he might already fit.

8. Stretchy blankets. Harry isn’t huge on swaddling. He likes to have his hands free. And that’s okay with us. But for the first two weeks, we swaddled him religiously. And because he was squirmy and didn’t particularly love being swaddled, stretchier blankets worked much better to get a tight fit.

9. Different options for sleeping. We have Harry’s crib, a Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, and a swing. Not to mention mom and dad’s arms. The crib seemed so big and far away for the first week (he naps in there now) so we carried the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper all around the house. He actually still sleeps in that at night. The swing is nice to keep him down when he’s not too happy about going to sleep. It’s soothing. Having different options was great because (for now) Harry sleeps anywhere, and if he didn’t like one… we could move him to a different option. Check Craigslist for swings. I got mine for $30.

10. A good camera, and an easy camera. I love my Nikon D3100 to take the perfect pictures of those little toes and that great big baby mohawk, but my iPhone is always nearby so most of our daily captures are on that. I’m so glad there is a decent camera on that thing.

So there you have it. The ten things Harry and I have loved for the first four weeks. Anyone have any different essentials?

xoxo, Mallory

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