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A Teepee Party

A Teepee Birthday Party | R.Simple Life

It’s February and instead of focusing on how the heck that happened, I’m going to go back to Harry’s first birthday. Papa was still deployed when Harry turned the big OH-ONE, so we held off until he was home to have Harry’s party. Which was all based around his birthday present. Which was a teepee.


I think I had this present planned out before Harry was even a twinkle in my eye, but I’m so glad I got to go forward with it. I knew the kid would love his own little fort, and who are we kidding, I wanted one too. Which is why it lives in the corner of my living room. Also why it’s eight feet tall. I’ll work on a DIY if there is interest in hearing how I did it (with help from my husband… via FaceTime, because as I mentioned, he was deployed).

His birthday was great. I fed him two blueberry muffins for lunch, complete with a birthday candle, and he proceeded to jump off the walls and skip his afternoon nap. Harry and sugar do not play well. Even though we missed Papa like crazy, it was a really, really special day. And I was super emotional, of course.

But the party. We waited for Papa to be there and we built ourselves a little party around that big teepee in the corner. We had mini teepees on the table, giant leather-clad balloons, and all sorts of food I would expect a little boy would like to eat in a teepee – including hot dogs, baked beans, and s’mores cupcakes.

Harry had a few little friends over, we had some of nearest and dearest – including Nona, Uncle Justin, Aunt Veronica, and Aunt Jillian – and we celebrated one Harry year. It was fantastic. And now for the photographic evidence (Thanks Aunt Veronica for most of these!).

A Teepee Birthday Party | R.Simple LifeDSC_0018 DSC_0032 DSC_0029 DSC_0013 DSC_0119 A Teepee Birthday Party | R.Simple LifeA Teepee Birthday Party | R.Simple Life

Happy Birthday Harry. We love you buddy.

xoxo Mallory

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For Pinterest

Thankful for Pinterest | R.Simple Life

I like to think I have a creative mind. I also like to think I have a whole lot more time than I really do. So when I feel like doing something fun and creative, I log into my Pinterest to decide which project I’ve cataloged to tackle. And then I get lost in my archives. I can spend hours “getting inspired” and then all of a sudden, the baby is awake and my time for doing has passed.

But sometimes I need that – that release from everything. That inspiration to get my wheels turning. And lets face it, as much as I’d love for Harry to stay little forever, he won’t. Then I’ll have time to tackle some of the bigger projects I’ve Pinned.

But until then, I will use Pinterest as a little getaway in my day. And a way to find fun new blogs. And quick and easy projects like the one above that took Harry about 2 minutes to tear off the wall. So much for that.

xoxo, Mallory

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Black and White Feels So Right

We’ve lived in our house for three months now, and this weekend I finally put a nail in the wall. To hang a mirror. Two mirrors were put up, and that is where mission “Make House Homey” stalled. You see, I have lots of windows in my living room and for the first time, we’ll be at this house long enough for me to consider curtains. And the thing about curtains is, you should hang them before you start hanging too many pictures on the wall to avoid utter chaos.

About a month ago, I decided to try my hand at drop cloth curtains. They seem easy enough. Every home, DIY, and mommy blogger in the blogosphere has repurposed drop cloths framing their windows (or so it seems). With the enormous amount of white walls in our home, I decided to dye the drop clothes a dark steely-blue color. And failed. They turned out light denim. Not even a cool light denim. The light denim I would call akin to the overalls your mom stuck you in sometime in the early 90s. They probably had some cool peace sign patches on them too. Not exactly what I wanted as window coverings.

So, against my better judgement (because it’s let me down numerous times before), I grabbed two boxes of Navy Rit dye and attempted to darken up two panels. They turned purple. As I had suspected they would. Big, fat fail.

I had given up on the DIY drop cloth curtains. I was shopping Ikea.com, Pottery Barn online, Target, Walmart (because when you live where I live, those are about the only options) for a different option. I decided to dye one set of the drop cloths black for our bedroom (because black was pretty much the only color that would cover that horrendous purple) when the thought that they might feel a little dark and depressing crossed my mind.

Enter Pinterest. After a quick search for “Black Curtains White Walls” I am cautiously putting one foot back on the DIY drop cloth curtains for my living room train. It’s really more like a toe. A toe is on the train. The rest of me is thinking this will probably be a failure, but it was worth a shot, especially when I found a leftover Hobby Lobby gift card in my wallet that would pay for a few boxes of black dye.

I have very low expectations that (A) the dye will even set right and look nice and (B) I will actually like the outcome enough to put them in my living room for all to see. But it’s worth a shot (after all the time and money I’ve already put into these bad boys) so I’m going to attempt before I give up completely and just order these. And to prove I’m not totally crazy about the black curtains (I can hear some of your scoffs already) here are a few photos I dug up for inspiration. Remember. My house is a huge maze of white walls. White everywhere. So layering in some moodier shades and textures MAY just work.

Wish me luck.

xoxo, Mallory

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