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Family Lifestyle Shoot

Family Lifestyle Pictures from Christy Nicole PhotographyFamily Lifestyle Pictures from Christy Nicole PhotographyView More: http://christynicole.pass.us/recor-familyFamily Lifestyle Pictures from Christy Nicole Photography

Do you take family pictures? We’ve decided to invest in these every year. One of my biggest regrets was not spending more on our wedding pictures, so we decided it only made sense to capture our family every year to see how we grow. I really love the idea of capturing our day to day so we can look back and remember little things like playing in Harry’s teepee or reading his favorite books in bed.

We hired Christy Nicole Photography to come over and spend a Sunday afternoon with us and I’m so, so in love with the results. Anyone on the Mississippi Gulf Coast or in New Jersey looking for a photographer, should definitely contact Christy.

Anyway, these are just a few of my favorites from the session. Head over to Christy’s blog to see SO many more! And tomorrow we’ll resume the Colorado photo dump. Because I know you wanted more photos of us.

xoxo Mallory

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Saturday Mornings

Saturday Morning in Ocean Springs, Mississippi | R.Simple Life

Saturday mornings might just be my favorite holiday. We wake up before the crack of dawn, thanks to our little alarm clock, and lounge in bed until the sun peeks above the horizon. After that, we all put on our running shoes and head over to the sleepy little town over the bridge from here (Ocean Springs, Mississippi). Harry bundles up in the stroller while Jon and I run a quick 5K over the Gulf of Mexico while taking in the sunrise and water views from our bridge. It’s a perfect time to talk about everything that doesn’t fall into the work category (which, unfortunately dictates a lot of our conversations lately). After our run we grab eggs and whatever veggies look good at the teeniest farmer’s market you’ve ever seen and walk over to our favorite pastry shop where we always get a spinach croissant or two.

What’s your typical Saturday morning look like?

xoxo, Mallory

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Harry In Stop Motion

Okay, in a year from now, after I have developed my new hobby of filmmaking to Spielberg status, I’ll probably look back at this little stop motion film, shot on my iPhone using the Gorillacam app, and scoff at my filmmaking. But today, it makes me happy as ever. For those of you who want a little peek into my nightly walk with Harry, here it is.

Seriously, I’m giddy about this. Not only because I figured out how to make a film in iMovie (yes, yes I did.) but because the stop motion and absolute crazy of this film is exactly how life feels right now. It’s a constant adventure with this kid, even if it is on fast forward and a little shaky. I love my life. And you just got a glimpse into my favorite hour of the day.

xoxo, Mallory

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A Day With Harry

Harry day 1DSC_0033harry day 2DSC_0084harry day 3DSC_0135DSC_0178DSC_0156DSC_0150DSC_0192Harry day 4DSC_0222DSC_0229

I’ve had a few requests about Harry’s schedule, so I thought I’d put together a little “Day in the life” feature this weekend. I followed this cutie little boy around for a whole day (and believe me, so exhausting, since I usually just let him do his thing (kidding.)) with my camera. This is a pretty typical Sunday for us, but here’s my disclaimer: Harry is 3 months old, in a growth spurt, in the middle of a sleep regression, and, oh yeah, since he’s an infant, his schedule changes daily. But this is the gist of it:

7am: Harry wakes up smiling and punching. Yes, he punches us. Kicks his feet, punches those little hands, all the while thrashing his head around with his eyes closed. You’d think he was a tormented sleeper, but that’s just how he wakes up. As soon as his eyes are open, those lips are smiling. I feed him his breakfast in bed and then commences the morning snuggles. It’s one of my favorite times of the day… the three of us cuddling, laughing, and playing in bed for as long as we can before we have to start the day.

8am: After morning snuggles, and after Harry is changed and dressed, we all head downstairs for breakfast. Harry usually plays on his baby gym, or takes in a little tummy time, or reads a book or two while we’re cooking. Then he hangs out in a Bumbo or his Bouncer while we eat.

8:45ish: Nap time. A round or two of “What A Wonderful Life/Somewhere Over the Rainbow” along with some head rubs, and he’s out. For about 30-45 minutes. Really, it’s 38 minutes. Every day.

9:20: Up & eating, then of course, a diaper change. Today was a particularly rainy, gray day, so we sat on the couch with Dad after second breakfast and watched a little CBS Sunday Morning. Then it was time to play, read, sing, and dance while Dad went to help a friend move. Harry also helped me fold the laundry (he holds the socks).

10:50: Nap number 2. Still about 45 minutes. Sometimes this one stretches an extra 10 minutes, but it usually doesn’t hit an hour. I let him hang out in his crib for 5 minutes or so when he wakes up, since he’s nice and happy and sometimes we all just need a little quiet time to ourselves (Harry is like his Mum in that way).

11:45: Eating on the couch, new diaper, a bit of tummy time. Dad is still not home, so Harry plays while I finish up my mopping. When Dad get’s home, we all hang out. Lots of reading and tummy time. A few rolls (on the thighs, as well as from the stomach to the back).

1:15: Harry is getting tired, but we need to go grocery shopping, so I load him up in the car seat hoping he’ll nap through the shopping. This works 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time (like today) he sleeps for about 25-30 minutes and then wakes up and looks around like he has no idea where we are. Poor chap. We finish our grocery shopping then have a little melt down on the drive home. Either because he ‘s hot or because he’s hungry. Jury’s still out on that one.

2:30pm: Lunch time for Mr. Grumpy, then he’s much happier. After he eats, he hangs out in his Bumbo with Dad as he prepares lunch for us. I finish up some laundry. When Dad & I eat, Harry hangs out in his bouncer, happy as can be playing with his crinkle paper (our new favorite toy).

3:45ish: Down for nap number 4. This nap could go one of two ways. Sometimes he naps for 20 minutes and then simply cannot nap any longer. Other days, this is the longest nap of the day. This usually happens when I hold him through this nap. Which means I’m stuck on my bed for an hour or more. So I get a lot of reading done during this nap. Today, he naps for about an hour. Not bad, but not great. It hasn’t been a particularly great day for naps, though our days are not good for naps lately in general.

5pm: Harry eats, gets a fresh diaper, and helps us juice some fruits and veggies. Which really just means, he reads with me while Dad juices. He’s still a little sleepy, so it’s a lot of cuddling. This time of the night is traditionally the grumpiest part of the day. Lots of fussing, can’t find a comfortable position, doesn’t want to do anything. So…

5:30: We get out of the house on a walk around the neighborhood. It feels great to get outside, and Harry likes the change of venue. Plus the fresh air in his hair. Plus the stroller is pretty dang relaxing, or at least that’s what I infer from his almost instant half closed eyes. He catches a quick (5 minute) cat nap while we’re out.

7pm: It’s bath time! Our favorite time of the day. Harry loves it. We love it. It’s the best part of our day. Unwinding together in that tiny upstairs bathroom, splashing in the tub, cuddling with our warm, clean baby. We can happily extend bath time to 30+ minutes.

7:30: Last snack and snuggle before bed. Dad reads a chapter from Harry Potter while Harry Recor eats and dozes off. Most nights he’s down sometime between 7:45 and 8pm. We put him in his crib (then bring him into our room when we go to bed a few hours later) and send him off into dreamland. Throughout the night, Harry usually wakes up twice to eat… usually once around 1am and again at 4am.

Obviously this changes day to day, and our week day schedule is a little different with work and other responsibilities (like my gym time… at 4:30am). But this is a typical day lately. Four, somewhat short naps, sometimes a fifth even shorter nap. Lots of playing and reading and getting outside. So many baby cuddles and kisses. And sleeping about 11 hours at night… with two (super fast) wakings to eat. Our simple life.

xoxo, Mallory


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