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Let’s Talk About Christmas

Shall we?

R.Simple Life | Harry's First Christmas

I know it’s 2014 and we’re three days away from Harry’s birthday, so really, I should be focusing on that, but I can’t let Harry’s first Christmas slip away without acknowledging it on the blog. It just doesn’t feel right. So pull out your jingle bells and sip on that leftover eggnog because we’re jumping into this sleigh ride right now.

As you know, we spent Christmas in Montana at the cabin. It was unbelievably beautiful and man, I missed that mountain air. And the snow. And those Smiths/Shearers. We cut down our own tree on the property, made (and consumed) too many cookies, and played a lot of Scrabble.

Christmas morning came with a frenzy of presents and one stocking (most of which were for Harry) as we all cozied up by the wood stove in our pajamas. Harry sat on Uncle Dylan’s lap, which was his seat of choice for most of the week, and slowly opened each present. His face lit up when he pulled the bag of dates out of his stocking. Santa knew just what would do the trick. Santa also dropped off a dump truck for the little man, which he has played with constantly since the Big Day. It warms my heart to know how well I know my boy, since I was the one to drop the truck hint to Old Saint Nick.

R.Simple Life | Harry's First Christmas

This Christmas was magical. As magical as Christmas always is, multiplied by a little boys smile. At one point during the present opening, Harry walked over to me and planted a big on right on my lips. Christmas cheer times one million.

It was also so special to be with my family. I really miss those guys as I get older. I’ve come to realize they are my best friends and I love that. Being around my family for Christmas for the first time in years was so amazing. It topped the snow covered mountains outside (but just barely… I love those snow covered mountains).

But as magical as this Christmas was, there was a big part of it that was weird. Wrong. Sad. We were missing Papa the whole season. It didn’t feel right without him. This was our first Christmas in 7 years to spend apart and he was missed enormously.

When people thank him for his sacrifice, this is what they are thanking him for. He spent his Christmas, his son’s very first Christmas, in Southwest Asia. FaceTiming in a few times but lacking the cookies and kisses.

Jon will be home soon. We’ll be celebrating Harry’s birthday when he gets home. He’ll be here for my 27th birthday. And we’re going to have a pretty amazing Valentine’s Day to make up for everything he missed. But until then, Harry will be playing with his dump truck and I will be cuddling with my pillow.

I hope you all had a very, merry Christmas!

xoxo Mallory

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Have A Very, Harry Christmas

Harry Christmas | R.Simple Life

Hope your Christmas is warm and bright! We’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled content, but we’re enjoying snow and family this week. Happy Christmas!

xoxo Mallory

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A Boy and A Pile of Doggies

Harry Does Ikea | R.Simple Life

Hey everyone. Man it’s been a while. Thanks for sticking around. Harry and I just had a nice long (two weeks!) trip to Michigan, and boy was it busy. But nice. Great to be around family this time of year. It gets a little lonely down south just the two of us sometimes.

As much as I loved being up North, and was really sad to leave, it feels ridiculously good to be home. A bit quieter, a bit lonelier, a bit warmer… but nice. Sometimes you just need your own bed and your own park. Harry’s slept 11 hours straight every night since we’ve been home. So that gives you a sense of how much he missed his room.

I was driving to the grocery store the other night and remembered this time last year. Something about the warm/cool damp, dark air, driving by the hospital… it brought me back to last year, driving with Jon to our birthing class at the hospital. Full of excitement and questions. Listening to Christmas music on the way, dreaming about our little boy. It seemed so far away but at the same time, it felt like yesterday.

This time it was a bit different. I had a different boy in the car with me. The anticipation for January was just as strong, but for a different reason. There was no more wondering what Harry was going to look like, sound like, feel like, act like. I had the squirmy (dare I say it) toddler in the backseat with me. The Christmas music was still playing. I was all at once ridiculously happy and very sad.

This year has held some of the most amazing, happy, warm moments of my life, as well as some that don’t rank as high on the list. At the end of the day, though, I can’t help but feel like the luckiest lady in the world. To have a husband who loves me and thinks of me every day. To miss him as much as I do. To rather share a bed than have the whole queen sized mattress to myself. To have a sweet little baby who is feisty and stubborn, but sweet and happy. To get baby hugs and kisses and to feel the weight of a little sleeping babe in my arms.

To have made it to another Christmas season. This year might be a little weird for me, but I’m determined to make it wonderful. It is the most wonderful time of the year, after all.

Well, hows that for the first post back? I meant to say “Hi! I’m home, and here’s a cute picture of Harry from our trip to Ikea, he loved the pile of doggies.” and that came out. Whoops.

xoxo Mallory

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Happy Christmas!


xoxo, Mallory (& Jonathan)

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Gorgeous Holiday Prints


Oh my goodness you guys. I want to get every one of these prints from Kari Herer and decorate my house with them next Christmas. They are gorgeous, and so subtly Christmas. Who would have thought to decorate your holiday home with NAVY?! You would think it would have been me, but it didn’t occur to me until I saw this.

Now, I need to decide. Navy & beautiful floral prints from Kari Herer or a gorgeous Scottish tartan next Christmas? Maybe I can mix them all together to get a navy tartan beautiful Christmas.

xoxo, Mallory

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Christmas Traditions


Christmas carding last year with a warm chai.

Let’s talk traditions. Traditions are some of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. The cheer is automatic the second I pull out my grandma’s Christmas plates & mugs (the same ones I ate off as a little girl at her house). Traditions are filled with memories of years past and dreams of years to come. Served with a side of goosebumps, traditions can be the best part of the holiday season; the part we look forward to all year long.

With a little one on the way, our traditions might change a little (going to a movie Christmas Day may not be all that easy the next few years) but one thing is for certain, there will be new traditions. New memories, and new dreams. It’s an exciting Christmas in our house this year. The anticipation of this little dude is at an all time high, but the excitement to spend one last holiday just the two of us, with our very own traditions, is just as high. Some traditions I wait for all year long include:

1. Turning on the Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving – and singing along all month long.

2. Decorating a live tree with my love. Filling every bough with ornaments that mean something to us – many of which, are snowmen.

3. Baking cookies. All kinds, all season long. We love to give them to everyone, especially Santa.

4. Eating our Surf & Turf (steak & lobster) Christmas night off the aforementioned Christmas plates. And we can’t forget about the cinnamon rolls Christmas morning!

5. Picking out one BIG present for the two of  us every year (last year was a trip to the UK, the year before a new camera).

6. Snuggling up with something warm to drink in our new Christmas PJs Christmas Eve. Usually with a movie, always with each other.

7. Finding a spot for all our Christmas swag in a (most likely, or so it seems) new house.

8. Writing our Christmas letter (short & sweet is the way to go for us) for our Christmas card – and sending them to the people we love.

9. A Christmas walk.

10. Many nights listening to Bing Crosby on the couch, snuggled up and admiring our beautiful tree.

Those are just some of the many traditions we have going on, and we’re beyond excited to add a few more in the years to come (advent calendars, mistletoe and wreath making, Christmas stories in bed on Christmas Eve perhaps?) as our little family grows. What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

xoxo, Mallory

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Merry & Bright

Christmas Card part 2

And so the 12 Days of Christmas begins! Our 2012 Christmas card.

xoxo, Mallory

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12 Days of Christmas

Christmas card collage

On the first day of Christmas… you get a sneak peak. Of our photo shoot for this years Christmas card! (Well that worked out perfectly… you can sing that to the tune of The 12 Days of Christmas – and yes, I did.)

Last year, we had a Christmas card I absolutely loved. My favorite of ours to date. But this year, I wanted something simple and classic, since it was our last Christmas as a family of just two, our first Christmas living at the beach, and possibly our only Christmas at which I will be 37 weeks pregnant. So we headed to the beach with our camera, our tripod, and a Scottish rug (wool blanket to you Americans) we picked up last Christmastime in Edinburgh.

And while I was very happy with the results (the photos turned out great, and we even shot one of my favorite pictures of the two of us – though we didn’t use it for the card because The Babe was pretty hidden in it) it was all a headache from there. We use Apple to order our cards, and I can not rave enough about the quality AND the customer service. Some pregnant lady sent all our cards to Oklahoma – and after the fiasco of tracking them down and getting them to Mississippi, they were too dark (probably my fault).

Long story short, I got the cards out late last week, so we are ready to debut our 2012 Christmas Card on the blog… this afternoon. But first, a preview of some images we didn’t use.

See you in a few hours loves!

xoxo, Mallory

*I am not paid/perked by Apple – just love how simple & easy their holiday cards are!

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