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Favorite Baby Products

Hey guys… I’m over at The Wise Baby (run by the ever so lovely and sweet Lindsey) chatting it up about my favorite baby products. Take a peek when you’ve got a minute!

The Wise Baby

xoxo, Mallory


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30 Days of Thanks: Day 28

A few years ago I discovered something that would change my life forever. It was something that was a constant source of inspiration, a sense of community when I had none, a whole lot of entertainment, a job that I love, and a way to stay connected (and become connected) to loved ones and new friends all over the world. Blogs.

There are millions of them out there (I think), and no matter what, there is a blog for you. Home blogs, fitness blogs, parenting blogs, wedding blogs, blogs about nothing, blogs about everything, even a blog about legos.

Aside from the obvious – blogging has given me a job I absolutely adore – blogging has kept me connected to friends and family as the military moves us around the world. Blogging is an insight into someone’s mind/heart/life (at least the part they want the internet to see) and I have never seen a sense of community like it. It can be intense, it can be lighthearted, it can be passionate.

Blogs, you’re number one on my thankful list today. What’s on your thankful list today?

xoxo, Mallory

PS a few of my daily blog haunts (in case you need some to get lost in for a few hours): Young House Love, Style Me Pretty, Bower Power, Book Monster, A Cup of Jo, The Daybook, Under the Sycamore, Design*Sponge… there are more, but those’ll keep you busy for days.

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Challenge Accepted: 30 Days of Homemade Cookin’

Do you read A Cup of Jo? It’s one of my favorite daily blog reads, and Joanna is one of my favorite lady crushes. She’s interesting + funny, and always seems to talk about what I want to hear about.

Well, she and her husband realized they were eating out (or ordering in) a bit too much and decided to rectify the situation. They vowed to stay home and cook for the entire month of September. No dining out. No grabbing something quick on the way home. Good, home cooked meals every night.

Jonathan and I recently realized we have been doing a lot more eating out as well. I guess that’s what happens when you finally live somewhere that has delicious restaurants. Especially when you’ve been so deprived for so long. But I’m sick of it. I’m almost six months pregnant and should definitely be eating meals that I know are good for me. Dishes where I can recognize every ingredient. So I believe we’ll be taking the challenge as well. It’s going to be interesting… J works evenings often, which means I’ll be on my own – cooking for one (or one and a little bean, if you want to get technical). He also takes trips. Which means he might be cheating on the challenge, seeing as though a home cooked meal in a hotel is pretty impossible.

But I’m doing it. I’ll let you know how it goes (and if I succeed). So now, share with me your favorite recipes. I’ll need some the next 30 days…

xoxo, Mallory

yummy image via Cookin’ Canuck – delish looking recipe for a hearty chicken soup with butternut squash and quinoa. 

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