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A Letter to My iPhone

So, yesterday my hard drive crashed. As in, my computer died. I’m trying really hard not to panic right now because if I think about the fact that I could possibly lose all of my pictures (which I stupidly didn’t back up) I will cry for a month. Everyone cross your fingers that the Geek Squad can find my pictures for me. There were some good ones of itty bitty Harry on there.

Which brings me to my point. Technology. Good? Bad? Today I’m kind of not talking to technology. We’re not having a good day. My baby monitor’s speaker blew out this week too. Technology 2, Mallory 0.

R.Simple Life | A Letter to my iPhone

R.Simple Life | A Letter to my iPhone

R.Simple Life | A Letter to my iPhone

But man, is it useful. I carry around an iPhone. No bigger than my palm, but it puts me in contact with anyone at any time, via voice, video, text, social media, etc. I can access the internet anywhere with a signal (which seems to be everywhere by my house). I can watch movies, listen to music, even play games with people who aren’t around. The camera on my phone is better than my first digital camera, and I put that baby through the ringer. I really do love my phone.

But I also hate it. Anyone, at anytime can try to get ahold of me. And then get mad when I don’t answer. I can access the internet anywhere, making it too easy to google something instead of dreaming and trying to figure out the answer myself. I can tune out, watching movies, listening to music, playing games with people – while ignoring the people around me. It’s a double edged sword this phone, and we have to be careful of it.

With the current state of things in my home, I’ve been more and more aware of my (and others) phone use. I am really trying to be present, and turn off my phone. Put it away. But as I’m doing so, I’m realizing there is a little something tugging at my fingers – and it goes by the name of addiction. I am always looking for my phone, making sure I’m never far from it. Even when I don’t need it, I feel like it should be next to me. I always feel like I could be doing something on my phone. And I’m sick of it.

So I’m leaving it behind more and more. Bringing the real camera, being okay with the fact that people might text me and I won’t text back, possibly for hours. It’s good for my health. It’s great for my relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone. I love that Harry can SEE his Papa when he’s half way around the world. But it’s no longer a pivotal player in my daily life. So there. Anyone else want to join me in shutting down a little more often? Maybe you’ll open your eyes and see a gorgeous beach with a cute baby and a handsome husband. Who knows what you’ll see.

xoxo, Mallory

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A Beachy Sunrise

R.Simple Life | A Beachy Sunrise

These two are really, really good for my heart.

xoxo, Mallory

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Harry’s First Trip to the Beach


Just wanted to check in with a picture (courtesy of Anastasia Rae Photography) from Harry’s first sunset at the beach.

xoxo, Mallory

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Merry & Bright

Christmas Card part 2

And so the 12 Days of Christmas begins! Our 2012 Christmas card.

xoxo, Mallory

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It’s like a honeymoon, but one of you is pregnant.

We spent a long weekend in Destin, FL at the Sandestin Resort to celebrate our impending parenthood. The other goal was to take one last vacation with just the two of us, no diapers, no strollers, no guilt for leaving Baby behind. I’d say it was successful.

Just my own personal opinions here (no perks from the resort) but Sandestin was great. There was so much to do, the pools were beautiful (though it was a little too chilly to swim, and if you know me well, you will know I thought that was HEAVEN), and the beach was gorgeous. It would really make for a fun Family Vacation one day. Or even an fun Extended Family Vacation.

But then we went to Seaside, FL. And I fell in love. In fact, almost all of the images above are from Seaside. If you’ve never been – go. It’s this cute little community on the Florida Panhandle, the beach is totally amazing, the shops are perfect, the food was great (there was an Airstream selling gourmet grilled cheeses on the main stretch. Enough said). Next time we head that way, we are definitely renting a house in Seaside (or the neighboring, and just as quaint Watercolor, FL), bringing our bikes, and living like locals.

We did a little outlet shopping for the Babe, ate at Panera Bread 4 times in 4 days, and relaxed. Exactly what we both needed.

xoxo, Mallory

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Happy Weekend!

Well, we made it. After 9+ hours in the car with a cat and a dog, driving through Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, we now live a mile and a half from the Gulf of Mexico on a little peninsula. And in 8 more days, we will be living in our home. The home we get to bring Baby home to. It’s cute guys. We already peeked in the windows.

Last night we had oysters, shrimp, and fish in a island-vibey, open air restaurant ON the water. And then went for a walk on the beach. This Mississippi life isn’t going to be too bad.

Oh, and good news, Jon won’t be deploying in September – for those few of you I confided in. Though, I should probably knock on wood when I say that. And cross some fingers. And do a little anti-jinx handshake.

Have a wonderful weekend enjoying your surroundings (we’ll be at the beach).

xoxo, Mallory


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Wedding Abound

Via Style Me Pretty. Photography by Evan Hunt Photography.

Holy moly, this inspiration shoot is gorgeous. Have you seen it? Makes me want to become a pirate and get married again. Seriously.

xoxo, Mallory

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Perfect Preggo Pictures

Seriously you guys, look at this maternity sesh before you read another word.

Now that you’ve fallen in love like I have, how ridiculously amazing are these photos? I’m not usually one for maternity shoots, but this one I can get on board with. As soon as I have a human bean in my stomach, and he or she is big enough to be seen from the outside world, we’re going to the beach and snapping photos like this. You hear me Anastasia Rae? AS SOON AS.

xoxo, Mallory

Photography by Eric Warner. Courtesy of On To Baby.

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