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For The Moms

Okay. I know I’ve already made you watch a video this week, and sometimes it’s hard to watch two videos in one week. They take more time than reading a quick post. They have volume, so it’s harder to sneak it at work. Also, I am the person who hates when someone tells me “You just have to watch this.” and then takes over my computer for 45 minutes. But really, if you’re a mom, or you want to be a mom one day, or you have a mom you really like, you’ll like this.

I cried a little, I laughed a little, and I smiled a little. This was ridiculously cute.

xoxo, Mallory

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DIY Evergreen Mobile

R.Simple Life | DIY Evergreen Mobile

So, yesterday Harry’s cozy little room was featured on The Wise Baby. I know I’ve given you the full run down here, but I switched a few things up (HELLO semi-styled shelves) and added a couple of pieces. One of the pieces I added was a mobile I am 100% completely in love with. Which I made.

DIY Evergreen Mobile | R.Simple LifeDIY Evergreen Mobile | R.Simple Life

Want to know how to make it? I’ll tell you. It’s super easy. Just follow the steps below, but make sure you take about four months in between steps 4 and 5 to really make it perfect. That’s what I did.


Balsa wood, exacto knife, thread, embroidery hoop, fishing line, graph paper, scissors

1. Decide on a shape and draw it on your graph paper. I’ll let you in on a secret, the less curves your shape has, the easier it’s going to be. I went with an Evergreen Tree (duh). Use your scissors to cut out your shape. This will be your stencil.

2. Trace your stencil onto your balsa wood. Draw as many of your shape as you think you’ll need, then add two-four more. Balsa wood tends to break easily… or is that just me? I went with two different sized trees, four of each.

3. Use your exacto knife to cut your shapes out of the balsa wood. Make sure you have something underneath the balsa wood you aren’t worried about scratching.

4. Use a needle or a thumb tack to poke a hole at the top of each of your shapes and thread enough thread to hang your shape as low as you’d like.

5. Tie your shapes to the embroidery hoop.

6. Use your fishing line to create three strings which will hang from your ceiling. Tie these to your embroidery hoop on one end, and a hook in your ceiling on the other end.

7. Voila! You’re done.

This is a super easy project that should only take about an hour or so, if you sit down all at once and knock it out. And I’m totally obsessed with it. I think Harry might like it too.

xoxo, Mallory

Things That are Hard to Say

R.Simple Life | Wanting a Baby

photo courtesy of twenty-fifth and grant.

Some of you know that we didn’t get pregnant with Harry the second we were ready. It took a few months for us to get there. It was a frustrating time, and it started to get hard. But we were lucky. We got this sweet little boy, and I say it all the time, but it’s true… I’m so glad I didn’t get pregnant the first month we were trying. Or the second. Or the third, fourth, etc. Because then I wouldn’t have my Harry. Sure, I would have a different baby that I would have loved just as much (I’m sure) but I wouldn’t have Harry.

There were a few times in the months of negative pregnancy tests that I worried about what would happen if I didn’t get pregnant. If it took longer than we expected. Would I tell anyone? There were only a very, very small number of people who knew we were trying (our own parents didn’t even know). At what point would I have to tell? It was very hard for me when people asked us why we didn’t have kids yet. It was hard for me to be happy with no trace of jealousy for my friends, family, and acquaintances who were expecting.

I couldn’t imagine telling anyone. It was such a personal, vulnerable thing. But there comes a point when you just have to get it out. To stop the innocent questions. To help people understand why your smile is funny when they tell you their pregnant. My sweet, sweet friend is at that point now.

She is so strong. So inspiring. And she said all the words that no one wants to have to say. I’m not sharing it because I think she needs your sympathy (she doesn’t) or your words of wisdom (maybe keep them to yourself). I’m sharing it because it is so beautifully written, so amazingly heartfelt. And it might just help one of you. I love this lady, and I know she will make an unbelievable Mama to some lucky kids one day.

Stories like Amy’s are helpful on so many levels. I’m positive it was a huge weight off her shoulders to get this out. I’m sure she will touch other hopeful mothers-to-be in the same situation. And I hope her story will serve as a reminder to those of us who are lucky enough to kiss our kids to bed tonight. Remember to be patient. Remember to love unconditionally. Remember what you have is special. Remember the responsibility, the joy, the pride you can and do have.

xoxo, Mallory

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Babies Grow


Growing babies are altogether the most exciting, most amazing, and most sad thing in the whole wide world. Watching Harry trying to figure out how to put his pacifier in his mouth, and getting the leg of a monkey time after time, until finally doing it right, is so inspiring. He doesn’t give up. No matter how frustrated he may be, he sucks on that leg like that’s what he meant to do all along. And then when he finally gets the pacifier, he looks at me like it’s no big deal at all. He knew he could do it.

Watching him hold on to the windowsill, holding himself up on his own two feet, all on his own is scary. It’s phenomenal. It’s sad, that his Papa wasn’t here to see it the first time.

At this age, they grow so fast. Each milestone comes too quickly. Every day, he is older than the last, and every day he gets closer to the times where kisses from Mum won’t be his favorite thing in the world. I picked him up last night and I swear he was 6 inches longer and 5 pounds heavier.

But as sad as I am, I’m 10 times more excited to see him grow. To watch him learn and develop. To help him, and to not help him. To see the sweet, little synapses in his brain firing away.

All this to say, my baby is four months old today. Pictures to come soon.

xoxo, Mallory

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Have you seen the mini-doc that’s been floating around the internet the past week? It’s eye opening. And amazing. And has me searching for coding classes, even though I have a job I love. Can’t hurt to learn it, right?

What kills me is that there are 1.4 MILLION jobs in the coding field, and only 400K people to fill them. That leaves one million jobs open. Which means those 400,000 people are living the life. You saw their offices. Giant comfy sectionals (no shoes required), scooters, pianos, cafeteria filled with healthy, yummy food… the list goes on. And I’m sure they’re not hurting for cash.

Not to get political, because as a rule this blog stays away from politics as much as possible, but what job crisis?! The problem is not a lack of jobs. The problem is a lack of skills in our culture. These kinds of skills, which, as you’ve heard, are not the skills of a genius. They are the skills of someone pretty decent at math. Someone with an imagination. Someone with a little perseverance and hard work.

I know after talking to my dad that there are companies out there with more job openings than they will be able to fill. And these companies are only growing. They aren’t taking buyouts, they’re scouting college computer labs like a football recruiter scouts high school locker rooms. We are just having a hard time adjusting.

And I can’t fully blame our population. Who knew the coding world (or even broader, the technology world) was so wide open? We need someone to talk to our school-aged kids. To teach them what career fields are growing. To guide them into a path that they didn’t even know existed. When I started college in 2005, my current job didn’t exist. Blogging was just gaining a little momentum. And now look where we are.

Whose in? Harry & I are starting coding lessons today. Seriously… go check out I’ll be there.

xoxo, Mallory

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Guide to Understanding the Introvert.

Guide to understanding the introvert

That’s all. Thank you Amy for this fabulous guide. It’s 100% correct.

xoxo, Mallory

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Style Me Pretty Weddings: THE BOOK


Okay, we can say it. I fail at the 12 Days of Christmas. The problem was – I spent all weekend at Christmas Parties, or decorating Christmas Parties, or cooking for Christmas Parties, or shopping (for… you guessed it Christmas Parties). So I just didn’t have the time to blog. But I was still Christmassy, I promise!

I’m planning on doing a full fledged gift guide later this week for those of you (like me) who shop late. But can I just stop in to say, holy crap, my boss wrote a book? It’s freaking gorgeous you guys. And honestly, honestly, it would make a fabulous present for someone who is engaged – or maybe someone who is getting a sparkly rock in her stocking. Or just someone like me who loves weddings more than most other things.

I’m so proud of the whole Style Me Pretty team (and all the fabulous photographers, designers, etc) who came together to create this absolutely beautiful book. I have the best job ever. Want proof? Just open the pages.

xoxo, Mallory

PS buy it here!

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12 Days of Christmas


Later this week (because I loved the 30 Days of Thanks) we’ll be venturing into the 12 Days of Christmas. This is my absolute most favorite time of the year, so we’ll be celebrating for 12 whole days on the blog – with a peek at our Christmas card, Christmas lists, Christmas decor – and more. Keep your eyes peeled!

xoxo, Mallory

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