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Tiny House


Watch out Grandpapa, because we want to build a Tiny House in Montana.

Have you ever heard of Tiny Houses? I’m obsessed. OBsessed. Small, simply living. Efficient and easy. A cozy spot to land after enjoying the land. A small footprint. And a perfect addition to Papa’s land up in Montana… right?

My wish list for a Tiny House would be this:

.small. very small. big enough for me, Jon, and our kids.

.heated by a wood stove.

.a window with a view.

.electricity, running water, shower, toilet, sink, small oven. I don’t want to be camping.

.cozy, cozy, cozy.

.a big chair to read and unwind in.

.a perfect spot for a Christmas tree.

It wouldn’t be our everyday home. It would be a vacation home. And the best part would be the big house and the people in it a short walk across the snow covered land. What do you think Papa?

xoxo, Mallory

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I Am Here.

At Jon’s desk in the guest room. Prettied up for SMP.

xoxo, M

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