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How to Fix Droopy Tulips

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I feel like I should let you all know my favorite flower is the white tulip. Just in case. Jon and Harry sure know (since I remind them anytime we’re around flowers) and that’s why these pretty blooms came home from Whole Foods with us for my birthday.

How to keep your tulips from drooping with a penny | R.Simple Life

As much as I love on my tulips – I dote on them at every opportunity, I express my adoration by the hour, I give them my best smile every time I pass them – they always seem to droop after a couple of days. Long before the flower itself is gone, they’re all willy-nilly over the vase. And while I secretly love them this way (it feels so overgrown English garden to me) I started looking for the answer to keeping those guys upright. And I found it.

A penny. I had heard of this trick before but was a bit skeptical, but when my flowers started drooping just three days after I brought them home, I decided to give it a go. And imagine my surprise when, two hours after dropping the penny in the water, nothing had happened. The tulips were still just as droopy as ever. I figured my instinct was right, and vowed to love my droopy tulips just as much as I did when they were taller.

droopy tulips

But then, the next morning, I came downstairs to see my tulips were no longer droopy. They were upright as the day I first got them! Apparently, after dropping the penny in the water, you should let it do it’s thing for a day – and it’ll do it’s job to perk those tulips right up.

Another trick (I learned from Martha, because who else, really?) is to leave them in their paper wrapping and put them in cool water for a day before unwrapping them. She claims this “trains” them to stay upright. I was too impatient to get my beautiful birthday blooms out of their wrapping to try this one. But maybe if you’re using tulips for party decor? Might be worth a shot.

xoxo Mallory

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Gorgeous Holiday Prints


Oh my goodness you guys. I want to get every one of these prints from Kari Herer and decorate my house with them next Christmas. They are gorgeous, and so subtly Christmas. Who would have thought to decorate your holiday home with NAVY?! You would think it would have been me, but it didn’t occur to me until I saw this.

Now, I need to decide. Navy & beautiful floral prints from Kari Herer or a gorgeous Scottish tartan next Christmas? Maybe I can mix them all together to get a navy tartan beautiful Christmas.

xoxo, Mallory

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Le Nursery

Though you wouldn’t be able to tell by walking through my thoroughly unfinished home, I love design. I love to put together a home in a way that is special to US. To collect pieces over time that all work together to create a space that is cohesive, full of character, and mine. I’m not a fan of going to the store and picking out a collection. Instead, I hunt flea markets and thrift stores, curb shop unashamedly, and supplement with furniture from the big stores I just can’t live without.

So when it came to the nursery, I was ready. I had been dreaming about decorating my kids rooms for years – and it was finally time to put it all in place. So I started collecting. A trunk from the flea market. An original drawing from my dad. A cowhide rug (yes, a cowhide freaking rug). A simple white crib from Ikea. It’s slowly, but surely coming together and it’s quickly becoming my favorite room in the house.

I’m not planning on showing any sneak peaks until it’s all finished (unless you follow me on instagram…) so you won’t be seeing the finished project for a few more weeks. I still have things to make, curtains to hang, storage to create, and a whole lot of character to add, but I’m hoping to have it (semi) finished by Christmas. I’m not that mean though. Today I’m sharing the (terrible quality, seriously guys, buy me Photoshop) inspiration board. And a lot of these actual pieces ended up in the room. So consider this your one and only preview.


Oh goodness, I am seriously embarrassed at the quality of that. Please don’t judge me.

xoxo, Mallory

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Black and White Feels So Right

We’ve lived in our house for three months now, and this weekend I finally put a nail in the wall. To hang a mirror. Two mirrors were put up, and that is where mission “Make House Homey” stalled. You see, I have lots of windows in my living room and for the first time, we’ll be at this house long enough for me to consider curtains. And the thing about curtains is, you should hang them before you start hanging too many pictures on the wall to avoid utter chaos.

About a month ago, I decided to try my hand at drop cloth curtains. They seem easy enough. Every home, DIY, and mommy blogger in the blogosphere has repurposed drop cloths framing their windows (or so it seems). With the enormous amount of white walls in our home, I decided to dye the drop clothes a dark steely-blue color. And failed. They turned out light denim. Not even a cool light denim. The light denim I would call akin to the overalls your mom stuck you in sometime in the early 90s. They probably had some cool peace sign patches on them too. Not exactly what I wanted as window coverings.

So, against my better judgement (because it’s let me down numerous times before), I grabbed two boxes of Navy Rit dye and attempted to darken up two panels. They turned purple. As I had suspected they would. Big, fat fail.

I had given up on the DIY drop cloth curtains. I was shopping, Pottery Barn online, Target, Walmart (because when you live where I live, those are about the only options) for a different option. I decided to dye one set of the drop cloths black for our bedroom (because black was pretty much the only color that would cover that horrendous purple) when the thought that they might feel a little dark and depressing crossed my mind.

Enter Pinterest. After a quick search for “Black Curtains White Walls” I am cautiously putting one foot back on the DIY drop cloth curtains for my living room train. It’s really more like a toe. A toe is on the train. The rest of me is thinking this will probably be a failure, but it was worth a shot, especially when I found a leftover Hobby Lobby gift card in my wallet that would pay for a few boxes of black dye.

I have very low expectations that (A) the dye will even set right and look nice and (B) I will actually like the outcome enough to put them in my living room for all to see. But it’s worth a shot (after all the time and money I’ve already put into these bad boys) so I’m going to attempt before I give up completely and just order these. And to prove I’m not totally crazy about the black curtains (I can hear some of your scoffs already) here are a few photos I dug up for inspiration. Remember. My house is a huge maze of white walls. White everywhere. So layering in some moodier shades and textures MAY just work.

Wish me luck.

xoxo, Mallory

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Moby Dick

Well, we officially have the first piece of decor for the nursery. It came from The Babe’s Auntie Stasia, and it is a painting of a cover of Moby Dick that I found right when I first found out we were having a boy – and fell in love with. So imagine a sweet little nursery based around this awesome cover art.

xoxo, Mallory

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The Sweetest Picture


See the couple kissing with the baby in between them on the bottom shelf, far left? I will recreate that image as soon as The Babe is old enough to look at the camera. Promise.

xoxo, Mallory

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Explorer Adventurer Matey

Okay. We all know I have a passion for the interior (though, come on over to my barely moved into house right now and you may not believe it). I’m frugal + cheap, but I love to find a good bargain, whip up a quick DIY, and decorate. So when it comes to a nursery, I’ve been dreaming (and Pinning) for this day for a while. As soon as we found out this Babe is a BOY, I had about a million ideas, but they all seemed pretty cohesive. I was thinking Nautical Adventurer. Kind of a Moby Dick thing (even if I’ve never read the book). You know, vintage, dark neutrals mixed with some greys and whites (because I am NOT painting those walls) with treasures from the sea – think whales, sails, and adventurer maps. Something kind of like this:


And I’ve been all about it. For weeks now. I’ve been all about the nautical boy, and believe me when I say I’ve got more than a few pretty amazing ideas to go with it.

But today I had a thought to go a bit of a different way. A little more eclectic. Still adventurer. But a little less ocean and a little more lake. Something with a cabin in the woods feel to it. You know, plaid flannel, bears + moose, explorer type. Something a little more like this:


Now, obviously there are things I love and things I don’t love about both of these boards… and I would be going in a bit of my own direction with either room. But these are the general vicinities I’m digging right now. Of course, as I am writing this post, I have come across a pretty awesome compromise between the two. Ships + plaid. Adventurer + Explorer. Check it out:


If you were a baby boy, which room would be your dream? Or would you simply not care about much more than breast milk and whatever mobile I decide to create?

xoxo, Mallory

PS Just found this AWESOME kid’s decorating blog. You’ll love it.

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How Wonderful Life Is

By Sophia Cox

I’m slowly starting to think about the nursery. What the crib will look like, what kind of dresser we want, mobiles, toys, rugs, art. Without knowing if this Baby is a boy or girl it’s a little difficult to narrow anything down – but one thing I know is that I will be making a print similar to this for the room, whether it’s a boy or girl.

“How wonderful life is now you’re in the world.” My sentiments exactly. I love this baby SO much already.

xoxo, Mallory

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