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Working for the Weekend

What do you do when your hard work all week long is not rewarded with a weekend relaxing with your husband? Seriously what? I need ideas.

Being the wife of a pilot in the Air Force is not always rainbows. Sometimes you’re in bed before your husband gets home. Other times you spend the weekend apart because he has to fly. Then there are trips + deployments, but we won’t even go there. What I’m trying to get at, is you get really good at finding a good girlfriend to have dinner with. You get really good at running errands alone. You find a hobby. You get in phenomenal shape. You learn to like alone time.

But in all honesty, sometimes it just sucks. But really, it probably sucks a little worse for him.

Favorite alone activity. Go:

xoxo, Mallory

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First of all, we are happy to announce, we will only be homeless for a week when we move to Mississippi. We were offered a house on base and jumped at the opportunity, forgetting the fact that we were going to play hardball and ask for a four bedroom home. I guess thinking about being homeless puts things into perspective for you, and a three bedroom home seems like total perfection. And yes, that is our floor plan. Also, we’ve decided to go on vacation for our “Homeless week.” So all in all, not too bad.

Home is a funny thing in the military. “Home is where the heart is.” “Home is where my family is.” “Home is where the Air Force sends us.” I’ve heard it all. But in 7 moves in 5 years, I’ve figured out where Home is. Home is not where you grew up, yet it has seen all your growing. Home is not where your loved ones are, yet your loved ones always have a spot in Home. Home is not the physical dwelling which we so painstakingly decorate and make our own. Yet without Home, we would never enjoy that physical dwelling.

Home is our heart. When you have to move every year or so (sometimes less) you come to realize you have to bring your Home with you. Home is your family, your familiarity, your happiness. Our Home is wherever we can be together. And soon enough, we’ll extend that Home to one more special little baby.

When Home is your heart, there are wonderful things to be said, and there are some ugly things as well. It’s easy to settle into a new house, a new neighborhood, a new state. You make memories quickly in a house, because as long as we’re together, it’s always Home. But when we are apart, which unfortunately is a semi-common occurrence with Jonathan’s job, our Home is torn apart. We each have a little piece of Home, and those pieces crave closeness. Need to be together. So it makes time apart even harder than it already is.

7 moves in 5 years. 7 moves in 5 years.┬áIt sounds crazy when I lay it out like that. But each move has been with my Home, so it’s not too bad.

xoxo, Mallory

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