Do you kiss your kids on the lips?

Do you kiss your kids on the lips? | R.Simple Life
Sweet kiss photo by Christy Nicole Photography

Saturday morning Harry and I were awake and laying in bed before Jon woke up. His peaceful sleeping face was too tempting for me and I told Harry to give his Papa a kiss on the lips, and Harry went for it. He woke his Papa up with a nice wet one, smack dab on the lips. Which wouldn’t be such a big deal, except Jon doesn’t kiss Harry on the lips.

I mentioned this in the caption of a recent Instagram of mine and the reaction was interesting. Most people didn’t understand how or why Jon resists those sweet little Harry lips. But he’s said it since before Harry was born, he won’t kiss our kids on the lips. The head, the nose, the cheek, but not the lips.

Let’s just preface this with: I am not from a kissing family. I don’t kiss my parents on the lips and I don’t really ever remember doing so. But there was never a question whether I’d kiss Harry on the lips, and the moment I saw that sweet little pout, it was all confirmed. I’d be a lip-kisser. And I plan on being a lip-kisser until the day Harry is done with it.

I’m curious, do you kiss your kids (or will you) on the lips? Also, do you kiss your parents on the lips? I think it’s interesting that I don’t kiss my parents, but can’t get enough of those baby lips.

xoxo Mallory

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22 thoughts on “Do you kiss your kids on the lips?

  1. I definitely kiss my little girl on the lips! I know what you mean, those sweet lips are too irresistible! My husband does kiss her on the lips, but not as often as I do. It must be a momma thing. My mom kissed me on the lips. I don’t remember it though.

    I do remember when I was younger I told myself I would never kiss my children on the lips. The reason why? In middle school there was a girl who still kissed her mom on the lips. It freaked me out as a middle schooler (and everyone else). Some kids would pick on her and I hated that, but I was too shy to stand up for her. I told myself I would never put my child through that humiliation…and now I kiss my child on the lips. I’m pretty sure by the time she’s in middle school she will have no more of it though. So I guess this won’t be an issue šŸ™‚

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile now and I really enjoy it! Thanks for the great posts!

    • Mallory says:

      Thanks so much for the comment Kelsey! Isn’t it funny how much your opinion changes with your own kids? I swear, I’ve done pretty much everything I swore I’d never do.

      Thanks for sticking around for so long! XO

  2. michaela says:

    I am with some of the other commenters. I never thought I’d be a lip kisser. I used to think it was weird when my aunts would try to lip kiss but, Mallory, I’m telling you, it’s hard not to kiss little baby lips! My daughter kisses my husband and I on the lips and, frankly, I’ll be sad when she stops.

  3. Melizza says:

    My family didn’t kiss on the lips. And like the precious commenter said, I find lip kissing a romantic gesture. But I have accidentally kissed my boy and it didn’t feel wrong. Just sweet.

  4. I’m on Jon’s side of this one.Our family doesn’t kiss on the lips and I find lip kissing (personally) to be romantic. The little girlies that I babysit for kiss on the lips but it makes me uncomfortable so I try to avoid it without them noticing.

  5. Kary Glawe says:

    Jeff and I are both Reed lip kissers and I definitely did not think I would be. My family doesn’t kiss and when my nieces and nephews (from my in-law side) would go in for a lip kiss when they were little it would weird me out and I’d give them the cheek. Lately Reed’s stopped the kissing unless we ask or when one of us leaves so I see it phasing out, but for now you can put us in the “kid lip kisser” category.

  6. Aunt Judy says:

    Kiss that Harry all over. I don’t kiss hardly anyone on the lips n every once in awhile a family member will kiss me on the lips. (Aunt Alida just kissed me on the lips after spending 3weeks with them in Hawaii n calif). I don’t kiss my grandchildren on the lips but kiss them multiple times on the cheeks. Jon kiss your son on the LIPS. What’s the hang up??

  7. Robby says:

    My wife is ALL ABOUT the lip kissing with our two boys. Me, not so much. I can understand Jon’s reticence. It is hard to push aside the collective unconscious male “we don’t do certain things” no matter how sensitive a guy you are. That said, uh, I must say when my oldest was around one he basically ate my nose. It was gross. And I have kissed them a few times close to the mouth but for some reason (again, can’t quite pinpoint) it freaks me out and I back off. My wife has noticed and thinks it’s hilarious. I was never kissed on the lips as a child or adult by my parents (don’t think my wife was either). The real question I have to ask is how long my wife is allowed to do it before it’s an issue…

    Five years? Six? 10? College? šŸ™‚

    • Robby says:

      Also, that picture is kind of amazing, btw

      • Mallory says:

        That’s my question Robby, when do I stop? I plan on kissing that boy on the lips until the day he tells me he’s too big for that. I wonder if it’s a guy thing, not to kiss their kids on the lips? And thanks, I love that picture!

        • Robby says:

          Yeah, I am positive it’s a guy thing. Sad, really. But what can we do? I’ll give it a shot tonight, but I have a feeling like I will be repelled like a magnet. If you ask my wife, you don’t stop until they are strong enough to physically push your face away šŸ™‚

  8. Zeta says:

    I never kissed my parents on the lips. I don’t particlarly have qualms about kissing my son on the lips, buuuuut…every time I go in for a kiss, he opens his mouth wide (his way of kissing) and I’d end up kissing his slobbery tongue, so I don’t think it’ll ever become our habit!

    • Mallory says:

      Harry used to be a fan of the open-mouthed kisses too. I’ll still get a slobbery tongue kiss here and there, but he seems to have mastered the art of closing his lips for a kiss. Thanks for weighing in! XO

  9. Tracey says:

    I kissed my parents on the lips when I was little (maybe just my mom? I can’t remember). We must have stopped sometime in early elementary school. My mom and I do this cheek to cheek kiss now. I kids Charlie on the lips and James thinks it’s the strangest thing ever!

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