More Things I Never Want to Forget (part 100?)

Things I don't want to forget about the 14 month old stage | R.Simple Life

+ The way your stinky little foot scoots along the ground like a little snake looking for a nose, and how funny you think it is when we basically faint at the smell.

+ Your hand, straight to my hair, the second I pick you up. And the way you rub it all over your face.

+ You always want the three of us to be together. When Papa’s not here that sweet little way you say “Papa?” and I’m told it’s the same “Mama?” when I’m gone.

+ “Up!”

+ Dirty knees. We’ve entered the age of not being able to wear the same pants two days in a row because they’re dirty. And they’re also starting to wear thin. I can’t wait until you get your first ripped knee hole.

+ On that note, the worn down toes on your Nikes.

+ Your run. It’s the cutest.

+ How sweet your face is when you come around the corner with a book you so thoughtfully picked out. You hand it to me and we read it, right then, right there.

+ This little parrot stage. You repeat everything. And it’s the best.

+ “Peeda Budabuta.” (Peanut butter). And how much you love it. Just like your Mama.

+ Toy Story is called “Buzz” to you. I would have liked for you to pick Woody, but you’ve got a mind of your own and Buzz is your guy.

+ Your little morning buffets when I’m too tired to realize you’ve been snacking on and off for 35 minutes.

+ The in-between stage with your clothes. Your little big belly is popping out of half of your clothes, but your cutie little booty doesn’t quite fill out the next size up.

+ The way you lay your head on my stomach/chest and just cuddle.

+ Your sweet 12-tooth smile.

+ How clingy you are lately. You’re the happiest when Mama is carrying you around the house.

+ Every blankie is fair game and every pillow pile is to dive into. And when it’s not deep enough, and you hit your nose on the ground, how confused and mad you get.

+ Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” and it’s calming powers.

xoxo Mama

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3 thoughts on “More Things I Never Want to Forget (part 100?)

  1. Wendy says:

    Oh, Harry’s wanting to be together as a family is like our Susanna (plus loving PB and the clingy stage). It’s one of the reasons I’m grateful that Scott and I work from home.

  2. sprout says:

    Love this. We also listened to Cups several times this weekend. V enjoyed it but her favorite is the Pharrell ‘appy’ song. She’ll wander around going ” ‘appy? ‘appy??” until you put it on for her.

  3. jillasiala says:

    Y’all are so precious

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