More Things I Don’t Want to Forget, Again

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+ The  double o sound you make. “Spoon.” “Boob.” You don’t open your mouth.

+ How high your voice can go when Calvin walks into the room. “Kitty!”

+ This stage of stranger danger. You’re fine as long as you’re not the center of attention. But if you are, you lose every last one of your marbles.

+ Your teary eyed passport picture.

+ The fake laugh you do to make us belly laugh.

+ How confused you were last night when you were looking for my belly button – on my back.

+ The way you run away, nude, as soon as I get your diaper off of you.

+ Beans. They’re your favorite food. It’s all you would eat, if you could choose.

+ And peanut butter. You and Mama like to share a spoon full of peanut butter from time to time.

+ How stinking stubborn you are. Seriously kid, you are stubborn. You’ll cry for days if you aren’t getting what you want. And boy do you know what you want.

+ The really wet, slobbery kisses you blow.

+ How you walk around the house with the wrapping paper, making noises into the tube.

+ They way you put your head on my stomach when I’m laying on the ground with you. It’s the sweetest.

+ “Dat-ch” means “watch.”

+ How adamant you are about not weaning. In fact, you’re going in the opposite direction.

+ Your big, round belly and how it sticks out in front of you all the time. And your sweet little walk because of that big thing.

+ The way you run from me when we get to the end of “Yawn” because you know the buzzy bee is coming to tickle you.

+ The smile you give me when you think something is cooler than words. It’s giant.

xoxo Mama

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