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Harry Does Football

Harry Does Football | R.Simple Life

Now he’s constantly shouting combinations of numbers and colors (“Blue, 42”) and talking about his multimillion endorsement deal. I didn’t even think he knew what a Bronco was.

xoxo Mallory

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day you guys! We’re going to shut down computers and make some delicious food tonight (including sticky toffee pudding, YES) and I’m sure we’re going to watch Valentine’s Day, because Jessica Biel is in it. So it’s a no brainer. What are you guys up to tonight? Any romantic evening plans? Do they involve Jess?

From our little lumberjack to you… wood you be?

xoxo Mallory

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Pink and red may have the monopoly on tomorrow, but in my heart white is always boss. Valentine’s Day can be just as romantic in 50 shades of white and any day is super, duper pretty bathed in neutrals. In that mindset, I put together a few things I’ve been coveting, all in the ivory palette, for any of you who are looking to do a little last minute shopping. Any of these would be a perfect gift for the neutral-lover in your life! (Don’t forget how sweet white tulips are. Simple, understated, and perfect. The perfect opposite to the overpriced red rose.)

Valentine's Day Gift Guide | R.Simple Life

one  | two | three | four | five | six | seven

xoxo, Mallory

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More Things I Don’t Want to Forget, Again

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+ The  double o sound you make. “Spoon.” “Boob.” You don’t open your mouth.

+ How high your voice can go when Calvin walks into the room. “Kitty!”

+ This stage of stranger danger. You’re fine as long as you’re not the center of attention. But if you are, you lose every last one of your marbles.

+ Your teary eyed passport picture.

+ The fake laugh you do to make us belly laugh.

+ How confused you were last night when you were looking for my belly button – on my back.

+ The way you run away, nude, as soon as I get your diaper off of you.

+ Beans. They’re your favorite food. It’s all you would eat, if you could choose.

+ And peanut butter. You and Mama like to share a spoon full of peanut butter from time to time.

+ How stinking stubborn you are. Seriously kid, you are stubborn. You’ll cry for days if you aren’t getting what you want. And boy do you know what you want.

+ The really wet, slobbery kisses you blow.

+ How you walk around the house with the wrapping paper, making noises into the tube.

+ They way you put your head on my stomach when I’m laying on the ground with you. It’s the sweetest.

+ “Dat-ch” means “watch.”

+ How adamant you are about not weaning. In fact, you’re going in the opposite direction.

+ Your big, round belly and how it sticks out in front of you all the time. And your sweet little walk because of that big thing.

+ The way you run from me when we get to the end of “Yawn” because you know the buzzy bee is coming to tickle you.

+ The smile you give me when you think something is cooler than words. It’s giant.

xoxo Mama

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Saturday Mornings

Saturday Morning in Ocean Springs, Mississippi | R.Simple Life

Saturday mornings might just be my favorite holiday. We wake up before the crack of dawn, thanks to our little alarm clock, and lounge in bed until the sun peeks above the horizon. After that, we all put on our running shoes and head over to the sleepy little town over the bridge from here (Ocean Springs, Mississippi). Harry bundles up in the stroller while Jon and I run a quick 5K over the Gulf of Mexico while taking in the sunrise and water views from our bridge. It’s a perfect time to talk about everything that doesn’t fall into the work category (which, unfortunately dictates a lot of our conversations lately). After our run we grab eggs and whatever veggies look good at the teeniest farmer’s market you’ve ever seen and walk over to our favorite pastry shop where we always get a spinach croissant or two.

What’s your typical Saturday morning look like?

xoxo, Mallory

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How to Fix Droopy Tulips

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I feel like I should let you all know my favorite flower is the white tulip. Just in case. Jon and Harry sure know (since I remind them anytime we’re around flowers) and that’s why these pretty blooms came home from Whole Foods with us for my birthday.

How to keep your tulips from drooping with a penny | R.Simple Life

As much as I love on my tulips – I dote on them at every opportunity, I express my adoration by the hour, I give them my best smile every time I pass them – they always seem to droop after a couple of days. Long before the flower itself is gone, they’re all willy-nilly over the vase. And while I secretly love them this way (it feels so overgrown English garden to me) I started looking for the answer to keeping those guys upright. And I found it.

A penny. I had heard of this trick before but was a bit skeptical, but when my flowers started drooping just three days after I brought them home, I decided to give it a go. And imagine my surprise when, two hours after dropping the penny in the water, nothing had happened. The tulips were still just as droopy as ever. I figured my instinct was right, and vowed to love my droopy tulips just as much as I did when they were taller.

droopy tulips

But then, the next morning, I came downstairs to see my tulips were no longer droopy. They were upright as the day I first got them! Apparently, after dropping the penny in the water, you should let it do it’s thing for a day – and it’ll do it’s job to perk those tulips right up.

Another trick (I learned from Martha, because who else, really?) is to leave them in their paper wrapping and put them in cool water for a day before unwrapping them. She claims this “trains” them to stay upright. I was too impatient to get my beautiful birthday blooms out of their wrapping to try this one. But maybe if you’re using tulips for party decor? Might be worth a shot.

xoxo Mallory

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A Teepee Party

A Teepee Birthday Party | R.Simple Life

It’s February and instead of focusing on how the heck that happened, I’m going to go back to Harry’s first birthday. Papa was still deployed when Harry turned the big OH-ONE, so we held off until he was home to have Harry’s party. Which was all based around his birthday present. Which was a teepee.


I think I had this present planned out before Harry was even a twinkle in my eye, but I’m so glad I got to go forward with it. I knew the kid would love his own little fort, and who are we kidding, I wanted one too. Which is why it lives in the corner of my living room. Also why it’s eight feet tall. I’ll work on a DIY if there is interest in hearing how I did it (with help from my husband… via FaceTime, because as I mentioned, he was deployed).

His birthday was great. I fed him two blueberry muffins for lunch, complete with a birthday candle, and he proceeded to jump off the walls and skip his afternoon nap. Harry and sugar do not play well. Even though we missed Papa like crazy, it was a really, really special day. And I was super emotional, of course.

But the party. We waited for Papa to be there and we built ourselves a little party around that big teepee in the corner. We had mini teepees on the table, giant leather-clad balloons, and all sorts of food I would expect a little boy would like to eat in a teepee – including hot dogs, baked beans, and s’mores cupcakes.

Harry had a few little friends over, we had some of nearest and dearest – including Nona, Uncle Justin, Aunt Veronica, and Aunt Jillian – and we celebrated one Harry year. It was fantastic. And now for the photographic evidence (Thanks Aunt Veronica for most of these!).

A Teepee Birthday Party | R.Simple LifeDSC_0018 DSC_0032 DSC_0029 DSC_0013 DSC_0119 A Teepee Birthday Party | R.Simple LifeA Teepee Birthday Party | R.Simple Life

Happy Birthday Harry. We love you buddy.

xoxo Mallory

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