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Growing up in Michigan | R.Simple Life

Have you ever noticed how many people are from Michigan? I have. No matter where you go you run into someone from the Mitten and I for one wear my Michigan pride front and center. It’s such a great place to be from. Beautiful, snowy, Midwestern winters with skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and coffee dates… warm summer nights filled with lakeside bonfires and fireflies… a million lakes to swim and boat and fish and ski on (take that Minnesota – a million lakes).

The great thing about being from Michigan though? Enjoying the best times of the year when you go back to visit. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to live in Michigan again. Maybe somewhere on the west side of the state? Or Up North? Or even just close to Ann Arbor (it’s such a great little town – have you ever been?). But staying away from the slushy gray end of February snow is great. And avoiding the mosquitos for all but one week of the summer is ideal. And perfecting your non-Michigan accent only to have every nasal-y “a” come right back to you the second you land at DTW is really kind of fun.

Have you ever been to Michigan? If not, you simply must go. Head up to Mackinac Island in the summer for a bike ride and taffy. Or swim in Lake Michigan and watch the sunset while wearing your favorite sweatshirt. Or visit Detroit and imagine how it used to be. Just go. It’s beautiful.

xoxo Mallory


4 thoughts on “From Michigan

  1. If my awesome job and my boyfriend (and his job) could be magically relocated to Michigan, Ann Arbor specifically, my life would be just about perfect. I miss everything but the mosquitos.

  2. Michigan is great, indeed!

    My sis, her family, a beloved uncle, and some cousins are all there. My folks are seriously considering retiring there and Scott and I ran our first marathons there.

    Some other places to check out… Detroit’s RiverWalk and Sleeping Bear Dunes’s trails. Back in the day my uncle was in charge of quite a bit of the RiverWalk including the fountain and merry go round.

    His little home up in Empire is somewhere that’s on my wish list to visit with Susanna!

    • Mallory says:

      I ran the Detroit Marathon (also my first) along the River Walk Wendy! And Sleeping Bear Dune’s are amazing. My other favorite? Warren Dunes. We camped there so often when I was young – the dunes are so much fun. XO

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