Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 11.9 Months Stage

R.Simple Life | Things I don't want to forget about the 11.9 month stage

+ The butt out, chest out, hands in the air zombie walk that you (and I!) are so proud of.

+ Your tongue out, open mouth approach for a kiss.

+ The way your s’s sound more like spit being forced out of your mouth. But you try so hard to say “yes” and “dance” and “socks.”

+ How you push that dump truck around (backwards) all day long. And my favorite thing is when I find something in the dump (like the farm animal puzzle pieces you were toting around earlier).

+ The excitement you have for your birthday cards. And how badly you wanted to show them to Papa.

+ Those rare but super sweet moments between you and Calvin, when you are being semi-gentile and he is being semi-brave.

+ Your eight-tooth grin.

+ These nights of nursing before bed. I have a feeling they will be coming to an end sooner than I’m ready for.

+ The way you cried when we took the Christmas tree down.

+ How much you love to sit on your Uncle Dylan’s lap.

+ That in every pile of toys, you will find the non-toy item to carry around.

+ The vigor in which you roll around in pillow and blanket piles. You love them.

+ When you point to my eyes. Which really means poking them as hard as you can.

+ How well you fit on my lap when it’s time to read a pre-nap book.

+ The excitement all over your face when you find the book you want me to read. I stop whatever I’m doing whenever I get that face.

+ The way you’ve taken to carrying around the album of Mama + Papa’s engagement pictures. And how happy you are to look through it with me.

+ When you walk into the bathroom, take a bite of toilet paper, and come back out like nothing happened.

+ The way you hold the phone up to your head and squeal “Hiiioooo? Papa?”

+ The moment I lay down on the ground when you come running over for a kiss and then plop your head on my stomach for a cuddle. It’s heaven.

xoxo Mama

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One thought on “Things I Don’t Want to Forget: 11.9 Months Stage

  1. Grandma J says:

    He is so incredible! So are you and Jon!!

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