Yet Another List of Things I Don’t Want to Forget

winter harry

+ Your hand all up in my grill while you nurse. You play with my eyelashes, rolling them between your fingers… my eyeballs, my eyebrows, my hair, my nose… I don’t love it. But I know one day I’ll miss it.

+ How much you really enjoy scarves. Just like your mum.

+ The shouts of “Doggy!” the second we see, hear, or smell a dog on our walks.

+ The sweet way you cuddle your own stuffed doggy. Randomly. Out of no where. It’s a mad dash to the dog in the middle of the room where you quickly lay on top of him.

+ Your curiosity. Everything is new and exciting to you. You spent ten minutes laying amongst the shoes and scarves in the coat closet this week.

+ The sound of “YUMMY!” as soon as you’re ready to eat. Or you see applesauce. Or bananas. Or dates.

+ How sweet you are when you share your half chewed food.

+ The face you make when you’re waiting for the “fuzzy, buzzy bee” tickles. It’s the cutest ever.

+ The way you’ve started asking for books. Holding them up in the air to me. And you get so excited when I sit down to read them to you. Your favorite right now is Big Red Barn.

+ This state of understanding but not fully communicating. This morning, we pointed out a lamp in your book, and you took off to the corner of the room to touch our lamp. You’re comprehending so much, I don’t even realize it.

+ Your hugs. When I get down on your level, you immediately come to me and hug me. It’s the best.

+ Bath balls in cups. You put them in there, then take them out. Rinse and repeat. Over and over and over.

+ The way you say “Uh oh.” It comes out “DA uhn.” But you really think you’re saying it.

+ Your mouth and the way it moves when you’re trying to say bad. It’s so funny. Like a little fishy.

+ Those sweet, wobbly first steps you took last night. And the face you made when I clapped and cheered and was so excited. It was a mix of glee, pride, and a little embarrassment. And then you walked again to get that reaction out of me one more time.

xoxo, Mama

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5 thoughts on “Yet Another List of Things I Don’t Want to Forget

  1. jillasiala says:

    And his face when he is charging towards his doggie!

  2. lsk says:

    The SHOES. I can’t take it. He is so cute. And of course, love your list. And first steps?!? Woah Harry, you are still a newborn, right?

  3. henatayeb says:

    aww.. so sweet. my son start putting his hand down my shirt after i weaned him.. and still tries to when he sleeps. before that he just minded his own business.

  4. Wendy says:

    The first and last remind me of our girl. The girl is more than content to put her fingers in my mouth while she nurses, to attempt to pull out teeth, to put her fingers in my nose and more!

    I love it and cherish it! She’s curious, strong, and Mom’s a great toy. It works for me!

    Congrats on Harry’s first steps! When Susanna first walked on her own, she’d repeat and repeat it with pure joy. Giggling and laughing and smiling. She was so happy. It was a blast!

    She now gets a bit befuddled when we don’t let her climb from box to box and jump off. Like father, like daughter.

  5. Mary Elmer says:

    Get on your roller skates! He is going to tear Grandpa’s house up! Can’t wait!

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