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My first summer in the south, I was training for my first marathon and I kept having debilitating cramps while I was out training. It took a while to realize they were heat cramps and I was on my way to heat exhaustion.

Since that first summer, running and I have had a love/hate relationship. I sure love running. It’s my favorite release, my “me” time, the time I get to spend outside. But man, is it hard to run in the heat. I get tired faster, I get grumpy quickly, I sweat a whole lot, and I just want to stop. But the second it cools down, running is back to the top of my list. One of the best moments of my day is lacing up those shoes and feeling the cool air whip against me as I set off.

I have a new running partner this year, and he’s pretty cute. He kicks when we run and he takes the world in one mile at a time. It’s pretty awesome to see the pure glee on his face and realize my “speed” is creating that laugh. I’ve always been a bit more of a solitary runner, but I can’t help but love my runs with the littlest boy in my life.

Thank you Running. I’m so grateful for you today.

xoxo, Mallory

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