Sick Day

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Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA this week. We were having a few rough nights and yesterday it was finally obvious why. It came in the form of a baby fever and two achey people. Luckily (I guess? Silver lining?) we both were knocked out on the same day, so the day Mama just needed to rest on the couch was also the day Harry needed to sleep in my arms and cuddle.

We’re both feeling a bit better today. Harry’s still got a fever, but the Ibuprofen seems to be helping now (it didn’t yesterday) and neither of us are miserable. Fingers crossed we’ll both be feeling much better just in time for Halloween!

xoxo, Mallory

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2 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Wendy says:

    Healing and comforting thoughts to you both!

    Susanna had a night where she needed extra snuggles last night, just as I did. We claimed the day bed and made it ours under two very snuggly blankets.

    Happy Almost Halloween!

  2. jillasiala says:

    Grandma and I are chomping at the bit to be the first to get down there and make you some chicken noodle soup! Love you!

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