The Perfect Morning

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I’m really falling into this role of “Mum of a Boy.” I never thought I’d say it, but I get really excited to see dump trucks, the garbage man, airplanes, tug boats, sticks… Don’t get me wrong, I’m equally excited to see dogs, babies, kids, cats, and giant stuffed toys. But I’m really loving being a mum to this boy. The world through his eyes is pretty amazing.

Yesterday, we stopped on our morning walk to play with some sticks and touch a tree. We even brought a branch home. All while wearing jackets. It was perfect.

xoxo, Mallory

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Morning

  1. Lulu says:

    It’s so wonderful to find joy in those things. Rob and I still can’t keep ourselves from screaming, “Look! It’s a helicopter!” every time we see one, even though Gib has long since moved past that phase. Though the boy child still brings home a backpack full of sticks and rocks from the school playground every day. It’s the little things in life, right? And kids are fantastic at pointing them out.

    Also, your Harry is A. Flippin. Dorable. xoxo

  2. Wendy says:


    When we knew we were having a girl, I thought I’d have a sweet, dainty, tea party-ish little girl. Instead, we were blessed with a girl who picked up a mesh tunnel yesterday, threw it out of her way with an indignant look, and knocked open a door so she could run through the house.

    This same little girl will Houdini herself out of any strapped device (yes, she’s her Daddy’s daughter for sure!) and is content to be outside for hours (touching and sampling any thing she can).

    Others tell me she’s all girl, as in public she’s sweet, quiet, and touches things gently. Good thing we go out often, so I remember that. Because I fully expect her to be wanting to jump out of planes like her Daddy by the time she’s 5 and then we’ll have to have a long chat about why the Army won’t let her though she’s strong enough. Yes, she is and I love every bit of her!

    • Mallory says:

      You know Wendy, I think it’s all in the individual child’s personality. I was a spitfire growing up (just ask my mom). Much more in “boy” in the traditional sense of personality. So really, Harry’s just taking after his mama!

      I love watching his personality, likes, dislikes, and interests develop. Don’t you? XO

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