Making Apple Cider

As I mentioned earlier this week, Mississippi is a little slow on the uptake concerning fall. And as I also mentioned, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. Some days that means making soup, some days that means wearing (and sweating in) sweaters on our morning walk, and some days that means making apple cider.

Making Apple Cider | R. Simple Life.

Making Apple Cider | R.Simple Life

Making Apple Cider | R.Simple Life

Making Apple Cider | R.Simple Life

You guys. I grew up in Michigan, the land of apple orchards in the fall. An average October weekend was not wasted spent at the cider mill drinking apple cider, eating cake donuts, picking out pumpkins in the parking lot. I’m no Krispy Kreme girl, and 10 times out of 10 I’ll pass on apple juice. But hand me that cider mill donut and a warm mug of apple cider and I’m in heaven.

While I was doing my grocery shopping this weekend, I spotted the first apple cider of the season. I had the plastic jug in my cart and was turning away when I saw it. The rows and rows of bags of Jonathan Apples. I promptly put my half gallon back, grabbed a bag, and headed home to my (neighbor’s) juicer.

Making apple cider might just be the easiest juice I’ve ever made. Scratch that, it’s definitely the easiest. Three steps:

1. Wash the apples (and give one to Harry to play with).

2. Cut the apples in half.

3. Juice the apples.

That’s it. Sure, I added a little cinnamon when I heated the cider up that night, but easy, peasy. And ridiculously good.

So take that Mississippi. You serve me an 85 degree October day, and I’ll come back with a big dose of fall.

xoxo, Mallory

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4 thoughts on “Making Apple Cider

  1. Oh my gosh, when I mentioned to Nick that I missed Fall and leaves and apple cider donuts, his response was, “what’s an apple cider donut”. Wrong, so so wrong. He obviously had a very deprived childhood in California.

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks for sharing! We’ll have to make it with Susanna!

    Ironically, growing up in California and then Mississippi, I hadn’t seen leaves change or snow until I was much (memory record-able) older. The first fall in Pittsburgh was incredible! We logged serious miles soaking it all in. (It was a far cry from when I saw snow and thought the world was ending!)

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