29 Things I Love About You

On the eve of my sweet husband’s 29th birthday, I’d like to share 29 reasons I love him. Feel free to skip this post, unless your name is Jonathan, or you’re feeling especially lovey and/or sentimental today.

R.Simple Life | 29 Things I Love About You

1. I love the way you hold my hand when we’re driving on the highway.

2. I love your laugh, especially when it’s funnier than the joke.

3. I love how your eyes squint when you’re looking at the tv or anything further than five feet away from you.

4. I love how much you love our son.

5. I love the way you smell right after you shave.

6. I love that you stayed calm and comforted me when I cut off a chunk of your hair.

7. I love your generous spirit.

8. I love your complete lack of time awareness.

9. I love that you inch closer and closer to me when we’re sleeping, until I have to ask you to scoot back over.

10. I love that you sing.

11. I love that you cook amazing meals for me.

12. I love the support you always have for me.

13. I love your hugs.

14. I love your kisses.

15. I love that you always say “a tisket, a tasket.”

16. I love that you took me to Disney World to propose, when you knew I’d say yes in our driveway.

17. I love that you always encourage me to be better.

18. I love your freckles.

19. I love how proud you are when you come up with a brilliant idea (that I planted in your head weeks ago).

20. I love that you think I’m beautiful.

21. I love the role model you are to our son.

22. I love how invested you are in our future.

23. I love the effort you put into everything you do.

24. I love that changing diapers doesn’t phase you.

25. I love that you miss bath time.

26. I love the “tsst” noise you make at the top of your squat.

27. I love that you consider me your best friend.

28. I love how much you love croissants.

29. I love everything about you. Everything.

xoxo, Your Rory

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4 thoughts on “29 Things I Love About You

  1. Donna Recor says:

    I love how you fit him like a glove! I love what awesome mum & papa you are! I really love that your MY DIL!!

  2. This gave me the chills haha. Is that weird? 1. I love how open you’ve become. 2. I love how much Jaco was a shot in the dark and ended up being the best husband/brother in law ever. 3. I love you guys.

  3. Wendy says:

    Being away during key moments isn’t easy.. whether it’s deployment or other. We lived through tons of them and still made it. (Just ask my Dad about tutoring a tired and emotional 8th grader in Algebra via phone when he was stationed in Italy during the first Gulf War.)

    Best to you both during this and every moment.

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