Who Said I Love You First?

R.Simple Life | Who Said I Love You First?

Do you remember the first time you said “I love you” to you sweetheart? I’ve been watching The Office a little bit (okay, I’m flying through seasons in mere days) lately, and yesterday was the PDA episode where Michael and Holly first say “I love you” and then have to shake hands because of the office policy on PDA.

Side note, there comes a season where Jim & Pam becomes The Office for me. And I don’t love the change. Anyone else? Anyone? Am I crazy?

Anyway, I started thinking about the first time Jon and I said “I love you.” I said it first. But to hear the story, you first have to back up a few months to a different story.

We had been dating six weeks or so and went on our first vacation together… a road trip west. On the way home, we stopped at his cousin’s house in Omaha for the night, and Jon proceeded to get nice and drunk off the martinis his cousin made him at his restaurant. As I was driving him back from the restaurant, he said something, who knows what, and I responded “You’re right.” He told me I had better watch out, because if I said that too many times, he might just say three other words to me.

Fast forward a few months, and we were at his parents house watching a movie like young, dating kids do. We were joking around about one thing or another and J started laughing his amazing, authentic, signature laugh. I looked at him and decided I was sick of waiting for him to say it first (I had been waiting for a few weeks at least) and said “You are right.”

He was super confused and made me repeat it a few times before giving up on the meaning behind it. Well, needless to say I was a little mortified that I had gone that far as to hint to the L word, but not actually say it, so I hid shamefully upstairs. Eventually, he came up and we were watching our movie, and I had enough. I leaned in for a kiss, told him I loved him, and clenched my teeth waiting for a response. He kissed me. And then he told me he loved me too.

We say it all the time now. Sometimes it’s a quick “Love you” because we’re saying goodbye and sometimes it’s the kind of “I love you” that has to be said while looking each other straight in the eye and ignoring everything else. But it’s funny to think back at how nervous I was that first time.

Who said it first? I’d love to hear your “I love you” stories. Let’s get a little mushy.

xoxo, Mallory

PS I love you, J.

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4 thoughts on “Who Said I Love You First?

  1. Karissa Green says:

    I’ve been following the Kin blog, since I love Amy’s, so here I am! Cute story… Funny how three little words can be so scary/amazing all at once. Mine? Michael said it first, but hinted forevvvvver by saying “I have strong feelings for you”, to the point where we’d say “Strong feelings” when kissing goodbye. I essentially just made him spit it out after a few months of that.
    Also, I’m loving your blog, and feel as though we would be friends. Is that weird? Or what blogs are for? Yes?

    • Mallory says:

      Ha! I love that. It’s funny how three little words that seem so normal now we’re so intimidating.

      And welcome! Totally not weird. That’s the business of blogging – building friendships out of airwaves (or whatever the internet works on). XO


  2. Wendy says:

    Scott said it first.

    I picked him up from the airport from a trip to Russia, and he told me he loved me. That was 13 days after we met and 17 days before we married. Ha!

    Met and married in 30 days and thankful for all of those and all since then!

    Oh, and we wrote e-mails the entire time while he was in Russia. Old fashioned letter writing romance and “dating.” He hinted at the L-word in one of those, and I was so tempted to say it, but didn’t.

  3. Amy says:

    Well aren’t you two cute?! Aaron said it first. But he said, “I THINK I love you,” which is a very Aaron way of saying important things. And then I laughed and said, “I love you, too.” And he got all serious because it was the first time he’d ever said it to anyone and, I found out later, he wasn’t even sure how to process his emotions? And he was worried that maybe he was reading them wrong? Because he was so overwhelmed. Come to find out, though, that he wasn’t wrong. :]

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