Things I Never Want to Forget

R.Simple Life | Things I Never Want to Forget

+ You learned baby sign language for “milk” which we use for any drink. But you use it whenever you want something.

+ The urgency in which you sign “milk” with both hands when we get close to the swings.

+ How sad you get if we don’t stop at the swings.

+ The serious face you make when we watch videos of Papa.

+ The way your face lights up when we FaceTime with Papa.

+ The midnight feedings. They’re pretty much over now, and I miss them. Just you and me, awake and cuddled up for those few minutes. I kind of miss them.

+ How quick your crawl is.

+ Your extreme fascination with the guitar. And the way you think I can actually play it.

+ Those two bottom teeth and a row of gums.

+ Splashing in the bath tub.

+ Your wave. And your clap.

+ The hugs I get when I pick you up out of your crib after a nap.

+ How squirmy you are when you’re getting a diaper change, unless I give you the sunscreen. Then you hold on to that like it’s your job.

+ The extreme cuddling with Bête, and how his face is always wet from kisses.

+ How much you hate to have your teeth brushed, but love to do it yourself.

xoxo Mama

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One thought on “Things I Never Want to Forget

  1. Oh, a baby with huge blue eyes and a lens cap! How I cherish those pictures of Susanna!

    All the best to you all!

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