A Whole New World

R.Simple Life | A Whole New World

He moved three inches, stopped, smiled, and he hasn’t stopped moving yet. While he’d much prefer to walk, if no one is available to help him, Harry is a crawler. There is no place safe from his little baby hands, and boy do they get around. I think it’s time to babyproof. I will say this though… he’s a baby. He’s learning about the world around him. I am encouraging the heck out of his curiosity. I hope it is a trait he never loses, just learns to rein in at times. The people who make a difference in this world are often the most curious, right?

Side note, how perfect is this front page of the Ikea magazine for this post? I’d like to say Ikea and I worked on this together (but I’d be lying).

xoxo, Mallory

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2 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. Grandma J says:

    That quote from Ikea is the first thing I noticed after Harry. Perfect!!

  2. Wendy says:

    Way to go, Harry!

    We’ve avoided baby proofing, and are opting to baby supervise. Living with my in-laws makes this even more crucial, as they both have Parkinson’s and having latches on everything might mean a lot to get things open.

    For now, I stand in front of “dangerous” kitchen cabinets (the trash and cleaning products ones) while Susanna plays in the pots/pans/bags ones. I hang with her while she dumps all of the dried food containers out, after pulling out the shelves.

    I’d rather be with her as she learns about life and boundaries than think that things are “safe” just because they have a latch. Plus, it teaches us what she is learning, and we’re finding new toys for her based on her interests.

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