And Just Like That, He’s 7 Months Old.

It’s going too fast. You know when you’re a kid and you decide you’re brave enough to ride the big, fast roller coaster… and then it starts moving, and it’s going too fast and only speeding up and you can’t imagine what you got yourself into? Just wondering.

R.Simple Life | Harry's 7 Months Old

This month went by crazy fast. Maybe it’s because this dude is mobile now. He crawls when he wants to, but more often than not, he scoots. And he’s started pulling himself up. In his crib, on the windowsill, on Mama… anywhere he can get a good grasp. Curious as ever and just as determined, Harry is getting into everything (and we love it).

R.Simple Life | Harry is 7 Months Old

Harry said his first word this month (“Mama”) and is becoming very vocal, even singing along to the radio now. He learned to chose between two books, which means we read a lot of Brown Bear and Doggies. He also learned to flip the pages in the books, which is always done a little quicker than Mama can read. He no longer takes baths, preferring showers, and still loves everything about the pool.

R.Simple Life | Harry's 7 months old

I know I already said it, but this month just flew by. I love seeing the changes day to day, but man, kid, stop growing so quickly. On a side note, getting a picture of Harry this month was a bit of a task. Most of the shots on the bear are of his back as he was crawling away from me. And the shots in the chair were often interrupted by the photographer (me) running to make sure he didn’t topple off the chair. Too funny.

xoxo, Mallory

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9 thoughts on “And Just Like That, He’s 7 Months Old.

  1. Juju says:

    And then he’ll be five going to school before you know it!

  2. Wendy says:

    I was wondering how your chair photo was going to go!

    At 8 months Susanna is all but walking solo. It definitely makes hiking a blast, as we get her out of the pack quite a bit for her to walk holding onto us.

  3. I love all the photos and Harry updates! It’s great to see how he’s growing up, and it’s been pretty educational for me. I babysit for a girl who was born a couple of weeks after Harry so I’m always prepared for the next step in her development because of your updates! He’s still looks so sweet!

  4. duchess1 says:

    Don’t worry about excersize, Harry will keep you trim running all over the place. What great pictures! Give him a hug and have him hug you back for me.

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