Harry’s Room

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

Welcome to Harry’s room. It’s where he spends his naps and where we play and read. It’s not quite finished, but I’ve had a few requests to share it, and so here is the 80% finished room (and really, when is any room “finished?” In our house every room is in some state of constant change). But I love it.


I’m making Harry’s mobile. It’s not too difficult, in fact, maybe I’ll post a little DIY on the blog. The issue is that I have run out of materials and I don’t feel like going to Michaels to get more. Maybe I’ll just ask my best friend Amazon to send me some.

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

Two things. Please don’t pay attention to the styling of those shelves. I plopped some books up there before Harry was born and have added a few extra things, but they are in NO WAY styled. I’m making a great set of Brown Bear book ends and I really want to pick out a few books for up there. And if you look close enough (please don’t) you’ll see those picture frames have photos of Jon + I in them. Need to switch those out.

BUT, please do look at that gorgeous dresser. It’s metal. You heard me, metal. Bless my sweet husband who got an email with a Craigslist ad from his 20 week pregnant wife exclaiming she had “Found the dresser!” It was purple and white with rust and peace sign stickers on it. And I was pregnant, which meant all the sanding and painting had to be done by Jonathan. He’s a keeper.

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery TourR.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery TourR.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

This little treasure chest was the very first thing we bought for Harry’s room. Before we even know he was a Harry. I found it at a flea market and clutched it to my chest as I walked through the rest of the market. They offered to hang on to it behind the counter for me, but I loved it too much. I was afraid someone else would buy it right out from under me. I can’t wait for Harry to start storing his treasures in it.

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery TourR.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

Here you see Fred the Fox, Harry’s favorite. He sucks and chews on poor Fred’s ears and just loves him to pieces. I’d like to thank Fred for allowing me to shower.

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery TourR.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

Crib: Ikea | Rug: Safavieh | Dresser: Vintage | Curtains: Handmade with Ikea Fabric | Chair: Ikea | Footstool: Target | Treasure Chest: Vintage | Bookshelf: We’ve had for years, but repainted + added the back | Shelves about Dresser: DIY | Blanket: twenty-fifth and grant | Ship Drawing: My dad | Moby Dick Art: Gift | Lamp: Lowes | Fox stuffed toy: JellyCat | Stuffed Bear: Gift | Stuffed Striped Fish: Gift | Shoes: Hand me downs | Stacking Toy: Ikea

xoxo, Mallory

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10 thoughts on “Harry’s Room

  1. angie says:

    Hey Mallory! Love your nursery and it is giving me such inspiration! Would you mind sharing the green paint color you used on the awesome dresser? Thanks!

    • Mallory says:

      Hi Angie! Thanks so much for the sweet words. We love Harry’s little nursery and the older he gets the more of his personality we’re adding to it. The paint color on the dresser is Olympic’s “Shady Knoll.” It’s even more beautiful in person! xox

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  4. Wendy says:

    Gorgeous! Is it appropriate to call a boy’s room “gorgeous?”

    Oh, and the photos of you and J…well, how fitting and perfect! It reminds me that every child should have a photo of his/her parents in his/her room to remind him/her of the foundation of love on which the family was formed.

    • Mallory says:

      I agree Wendy! I love having pictures of his parents in Harry’s room.

      And thank you so much. His nursery is my favorite room in the house. XO

  5. jillasiala says:

    Are you sure he doesn’t need an Ikea wooden rocking horse yet?

  6. Amy says:

    CUTEST. And I think what really got me was meeting Fred. It’s nice having an idea of what Harry likes to do in his spare time. Sucking on stuffed animal ears? Sounds perfect, Harry. Also: STILL SO JEALOUS OF THAT RUG.

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