Harry, Five Months Old

Who can believe that we are merely one month away from celebrating a half birthday? This is crazy. I knew they say time flies, but holy cow does it.

R.Simple Life | Harry, Five Months Old

This month we’ve turned a corner when it comes to napping. One day, Harry decided it was right time for him to put himself back to sleep and conk out for a good two hours in the afternoon. And he still wakes up happier than ever. He’s started rolling from his back to his front, which means he ends up sleeping on his stomach a lot. He’s also transitioned from sleeping like Papa (hands up above his head) to sleeping like Mama (on his side, hands clasped).

R.Simple Life | Harry, Five Months Old

He loves to walk. Brush your hand against his palm and he’ll grasp it hard and pull himself up, then he’s off running (literally). He’s sitting on his own, but he falls over when he finds his toes. They’re just so delicious. His sense of humor just keeps growing, and although Mama’s the choice for cuddling, Papa is the choice for joking. He’s still sweet as can be, playing gently with my hair when he nurses. And nothing beats being outside (especially now that he can sit in his stroller without the car seat adaptor).

R.Simple Life | Harry, Five Months Old

I think it every day, but the next day just proves me wrong: I don’t see how it can get better than this. Our kid is the most fun and we love being his parents. It can’t get better than this… until tomorrow comes.

xoxo, Mallory

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7 thoughts on “Harry, Five Months Old

  1. jillasiala says:

    Will he get mad at me if I request one of these pics on this blanket every month for the next 36 years?

  2. Wendy says:

    Happy 5 months, Harry!

    Keep being your awesome, wonderful self!

    Oh, and Mallory, yes, it’s mind boggling at the time, no? Susanna just hit 6 months last week and it’s such a joy to be with her.

  3. Hannah K says:

    how is he already 5 months?! cute as can be though šŸ™‚

  4. Tracey says:

    Look how much more of the rug he takes up now than at 1 month! What a big kid!

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