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Now that my son is less than a week away from five months, maybe it’s time to explain his name? I don’t think I’ve ever done that here. You ready for this?

Harry’s birth certificate name is Owen Harold. Did you know that? But for many reasons (which I’m about to lay on you) we call him Harry. He is actually named after Jon’s dad. Owen Harold skips a generation on his side, which makes Harry the Third. Yep. He’s pretty a pretty refined dude. His knighting ceremony is just waiting on him learning to kneel.

Why do we call him Harry? First of all, my father in law is Owen. He’s been Owen since the day I met him (well… actually since the day he was born, but still). The name Owen is synonymous with him in my mind. So when Jon told me, probably before we were even a month into dating, that his first son was going to be named Owen, I knew that I would never call him Owen.

I actually didn’t totally jump on board with the name right away. You see, I always loved the name Henry. It was one of my favorites. So I was pretty sure I wanted to name my son Henry. Until about three years ago. Henry started growing in popularity. And being the only Mallory in any of my classes growing up, I was always dead set against having a “Top 100 Name” for my kids. I liked being just Mallory. Not Mallory S. So Henry was out.

As little Henrys started popping up everywhere, so did little Owens. A name that was never popular, in all 27 years of my husband’s life, was now not just Top 100, but Top 50… it was the 38th most popular name in the US last year. So, by my prior logic, Owen was out as well, and Jon agreed.

But here’s the thing. Owen Harold was supposed to be an honor. We were going to name our first son after Jon’s dad. And we both really loved that sentiment. So what did we decide to do? Look at the middle name. Harold. Or, wait for it, Harry. Harry! I mean, does that name just sound perfect for our little family or what? It’s similar to my previous favorite, Henry, but different. Perfect for our little boy.

And when we met our little guy almost five months ago, the name Harry could not have been more perfect. So yes, although his legal first name is Owen, he goes by Harry. It’s who he is. It fits him like a glove. A glove that grows at an alarming rate, because thats how fast his little hands are growing.

xoxo, Mallory

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3 thoughts on “What’s In a Name

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  2. jillasiala says:

    I agree Wendy. Mallory, or Mallory Q fit’s this beautiful girl just like Charlie and Anastasia, or Annie do too

  3. Wendy says:

    So wonderful!

    My Dad’s Dad was Henry, and I’ve always loved that name as my Grandpa was a tremendous human!

    Isn’t wonderful, too, how our children’s names just fit them? The hub and I both had a dream about our little girl and her name. That’s how Susanna Hope came to be. We just listened to our dreams…and our girl!

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