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The Great Cookie Roundup

R.Simple Life | The Best Cookie Recipes Roundup

I never thought the Sesame Street character I’d best relate to would be the Cookie Monster. But you guys. It’s true. Sweet teeth, I had none, until my pregnancy, when I started craving everything from brownies to butter pecan ice cream to salted caramel to cookies. Luckily, the only thing that stuck (aside from what stuck to my thighs… only kidding) was the cookie craving.

Oh Cookies. I could write a sonnet for you. This cookie addiction is only safe in a house where husbands don’t let wives give into cravings. Lucky for me, I live in a house like that. But that doesn’t stop me from pinning every cookie recipe I find. And drooling while I do so.

So I’m trying something. In order to let go and get these cookies off my mind, I’ve got a round up of the cookies I am most dying to try. Maybe if each of you made a batch of one of them and reported back, it would help.

Who am I kidding, this is just a spot for me to corral all my cookie cravings so I have something to drool over during those midnight feedings. Sorry Harry, I’ll get you a handkerchief.

the best oatmeal cookies you will ever have (I’d like to test that)
peanut butter pie cookies
soft batch dark brown sugar coconut oil cookies
healthy peanut butter oatmeal cookies
healthy oatmeal chocolate chip miracle cookies (I mean, they’re healthy)
honey chocolate chunk cookies
best ever skillet baked chocolate chip cookies
Nutella-stuffed brown sugar + sea salt chocolate chip cookies
sweet potato chocolate chip cookies

How’s that for a Friday roundup? Whose hungry?

xoxo, Mallory

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In Which Harry Eats a Pepper

R.Simple Life | Five Month old meets a pepper

Here you see Harry’s first foray in solid foods. Contrary to what you may believe based on the faces, he chewed on that pepper for 30 minutes, quite enjoying it, before dropping it on the floor for Duke. Sorry for the red pepper and the red shirt. Fashion faux pas Harry.

xoxo, Mallory

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Behind the Scenes: Harry’s Room

When I was shooting Harry’s room the other day, my little guy was hanging out up there with me. He was splayed out in the middle of the floor playing happily with a few toys the whole time (believe it or not!) but before I finished up, I decided to grab a few shots of the main dude in his crib. I could not have asked for a better one than this, blurred hand and all:

R.Simple Life | Behind the Scenes: Harry's Room Tour

Man, I love that cheeseball.

xoxo, Mallory

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Harry’s Room

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

Welcome to Harry’s room. It’s where he spends his naps and where we play and read. It’s not quite finished, but I’ve had a few requests to share it, and so here is the 80% finished room (and really, when is any room “finished?” In our house every room is in some state of constant change). But I love it.


I’m making Harry’s mobile. It’s not too difficult, in fact, maybe I’ll post a little DIY on the blog. The issue is that I have run out of materials and I don’t feel like going to Michaels to get more. Maybe I’ll just ask my best friend Amazon to send me some.

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

Two things. Please don’t pay attention to the styling of those shelves. I plopped some books up there before Harry was born and have added a few extra things, but they are in NO WAY styled. I’m making a great set of Brown Bear book ends and I really want to pick out a few books for up there. And if you look close enough (please don’t) you’ll see those picture frames have photos of Jon + I in them. Need to switch those out.

BUT, please do look at that gorgeous dresser. It’s metal. You heard me, metal. Bless my sweet husband who got an email with a Craigslist ad from his 20 week pregnant wife exclaiming she had “Found the dresser!” It was purple and white with rust and peace sign stickers on it. And I was pregnant, which meant all the sanding and painting had to be done by Jonathan. He’s a keeper.

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery TourR.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery TourR.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

This little treasure chest was the very first thing we bought for Harry’s room. Before we even know he was a Harry. I found it at a flea market and clutched it to my chest as I walked through the rest of the market. They offered to hang on to it behind the counter for me, but I loved it too much. I was afraid someone else would buy it right out from under me. I can’t wait for Harry to start storing his treasures in it.

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery TourR.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

Here you see Fred the Fox, Harry’s favorite. He sucks and chews on poor Fred’s ears and just loves him to pieces. I’d like to thank Fred for allowing me to shower.

R.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery TourR.Simple Life | Harry's Nursery Tour

Crib: Ikea | Rug: Safavieh | Dresser: Vintage | Curtains: Handmade with Ikea Fabric | Chair: Ikea | Footstool: Target | Treasure Chest: Vintage | Bookshelf: We’ve had for years, but repainted + added the back | Shelves about Dresser: DIY | Blanket: twenty-fifth and grant | Ship Drawing: My dad | Moby Dick Art: Gift | Lamp: Lowes | Fox stuffed toy: JellyCat | Stuffed Bear: Gift | Stuffed Striped Fish: Gift | Shoes: Hand me downs | Stacking Toy: Ikea

xoxo, Mallory

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Modern Day Pen Pals, new blog!

So I have this friend, Amy. (Yes, this same friend. And this one too.) We’ve been friends for a while, but we don’t live near each other. We’ve actually only been physically together a handful of times. And really only once since we’ve become friends. But that we are, friends. And really great friends at that.

So how have we become such great friends when she has been living in the Seattle area and I all over the South for the majority of our friendship? We’re what you call “Pen Pals.” Remember that? Paper and pencil? Stamps and the post office? Sharing your stories, secrets, hopes, fears, dreams with someone miles and miles away… then waiting weeks for a response? It’s a novel idea this day in age with the technology we have, and don’t get me wrong. Alongside our letters are countless emails, text messages, and yes, even Facebook messages. So technology, we have embraced. But our love of letter writing, our bosom friendship, and our connection has always brought us back to letters.

And now we merge the two. Letters. Online. Blogging. We’re opening up our correspondence for the world to join in. Kin is a joint effort between the two of us where we will be discussing everything we would discuss in our letters – but we’re encouraging the WWW to join in the conversation. Sometimes it’ll be serious, sometimes menial, sometimes yummy (we both enjoy good food). Pop on over to Kin and see what we’re all about.

And for those of you who are fans of the (R.)Simple Life, don’t worry. I’ll still be here, regularly sharing snapshots of my life with Jonathan, Harry, Duke, and Calvin.

xoxo, Mallory

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Remembering Eric Langlois

Earlier this week, a photographer I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with through my job, Eric Langlois, passed away. He was found at the end a week long effort of searching after he didn’t come home while searching for his mountain bike following a crash the day before. There is a beautiful tribute to him on Style Me Pretty right now.

If you can find it in your heart to donate anything to Eric’s family, I ask you to do so. I don’t like to ask for anything on this blog, but he is survived by his pregnant wife (and talented business partner) and their two children. They are going to need all the help they can get… prayers, good vibes, love included. Every little bit will help this beautiful, young family in the face of this terrible tragedy.

xoxo, Mallory

Duke Kisses

R.Simple Life | Dog Kisses

Finally, someone in the family who likes them.

xoxo, Mallory

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Favorite Child

R.Simple Life | Favorite Child

You know who it is. Think about your siblings. One of them was the favorite. She maybe got to stay up later than the rest of you. Maybe he always got a little bit more on his birthday. She got special “dates” with your parents. Admit it. One of you was the favorite.

A recent study suggests this is not uncommon. In fact, a third of over 2,000 parents polled admitted to having a favorite child. This is crazy. My opinions on this are twofold. Being a mother to one baby, hoping for another at some point, I worry, as I know a lot of us do, that I will not have enough love to give if and when we are lucky enough to have another baby. I think it’s pretty common to wonder how the heck you’re going to open up your heart and love yet another person just as much as you already love your older child and your husband. From what I hear, there is no question. Once that little guy or girl shows up, it’s love at first sight and your heart grows exponentially. BUT. For now, I just can’t imagine how my little heart is going to have enough room. That part of me thinks Harry will always be the favorite (sorry potential Baby Number Two).

But on the other hand, how can I have a favorite? I look at my relationship with Jonathan and my relationship with Harry. Sure, I’d rather do certain things with Harry and certain things with Jonathan, but that doesn’t mean I like one more than the other. I just have totally different relationships with either boy. And even though this is a bit different than having two KIDS (it’s the teeniest bit different… if you haven’t met my husband yet, just know he is a kid himself) I just can’t imagine favoring a child over another. Is it possible?

So spill. Were you the favorite? Was your sister/brother? Parents, do you have a favorite? I do. My favorite child is Harry (insert winking face).

xoxo, Mallory

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