Somebody Get This Kid a Piano

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I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day. We had a great weekend filled with friends, food, and fireworks. Yep. Fireworks with a four month old. And he did great.

Saturday night, we packed up a picnic and went to the beach for the Symphony on the Shore concert and fireworks. We were hoping Harry would sleep through the whole thing, considering it started at his bed time (did I mention I’m a first time mum?). Unfortunately, he stayed up for the whole show, including fireworks. Fortunately, however, he loved it.

This kid absolutely loved every second of the symphony, kicking his feet, smiling, and dancing the whole time. It was like he was laughing at us… “This is what happens after I go to sleep every night? You’re hilarious if you think I’m ever going to bed again.” It was ridiculously cute and only confirmed what we already knew – that Harry is musically inclined. He can’t help but wiggle when Justin Timberlake comes on the radio, he dances with Ellen, and he is still and concentrating when there is something classical to focus on. Plus, he plays the piano.

Before I was pregnant with Harry, I saw something which resonated with me. It was a news segment concerning a four year old piano prodigy. He was amazing, and was also the first generation pianist in his home. Neither of his parents played, but when they found out they were having a baby, his mother decided she could not bring a child into their home if there were no piano.

I loved that sentiment and always said apiano and a baby come hand in hand (key?) in our home. We’ve been on the lookout for a piano for a year now but it seems as though I’d better waste no time. Our little Beethoven is ready to compose. Or bang on the keys. I’m not saying my kid is the next prodigy (heck, that left hand doesn’t want to do much), but just in case he wants to be, it won’t be lack of instrument that stops him.

xoxo, Mallory

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