Harry’s Closet: Zara

Dressing Boys: Zara Kids

I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to dress Harry. No joke. Cute pieces for little girls are everywhere, but for boys, you’ve got to dig a little to find the best stuff. You know, the stuff without green tractors and blue baseballs and orange monkeys all over them. The stuff that makes my little boy look like the cutest little man. But when you find that stuff, holy moly is it cute. A well dressed little boy is my kryptonite. Especially if he’s got a spiky brown mohawk and his Papa’s nose.

So today, I’m pulled together a few fabulous pieces from Zara. You know Zara. Made extra famous by the fabulous Kate Middleton. And the best thing? Free shipping. Oh, and everything here is nice and inexpensive (like a whole outfit for under $20). All in all, some basic “must-Haves” for a fashion forward little boy’s closet.

green shirt | blue polo | denim jeans | bathing suit

sweatshirt | tennis shoes | white chinos

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3 thoughts on “Harry’s Closet: Zara

  1. sprout says:

    A quick note about baby jeans – I’ve found the material on some of them is too thick to accomodate the amount of bending crawling requires (especially when you have to cram a cloth diaper in there). Just something to keep in mind when dressing your dapper man.

  2. Wendyq says:

    Great to know in the case that our future kiddo 2 is a boy.

    We were blessed with the first 2 years of Susanna’s clothes for free thanks to Craigs Listing them. Many still had new tags on them and the rest were very gently used.

  3. Uncle Dyl says:

    MANGO is also coming out with a kids line soon. And I think it will be awesome. http://mangokids.com/

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