Harry, Four Months In

Harry celebrated turning four whole months old by growing out of pajamas overnight. Seriously, three inches of his bare legs sticking out the bottom.

Four Months Old

Hello smiley baby. This month, Harry has turned into the happiest, laughiest, smiliest baby. He gets jokes, and thinks they are hilarious, especially when told by Mickey Mouse. Or his dad. But with extreme happiness, comes the tears. He’s also started letting us know he hates nap time, by fighting it with every ounce of energy he has in his body (including lots of tears) until he passes out. 35 minutes later, he’s up and happy!

R.Simple LIfe | Four Months of Harry on a Bear

He’s started standing on his own (with a little help from the windowsill), which of course is altogether hilarious, scary, and amazing to watch. He has his favorite toys and books, but only likes one at a time. Too many is not fun (sound familiar? He’s definitely our kid). Nothing is better than being outside, be it on a run with Mum or a walk in the Moby. If we’re outside, we’re happy. This big boy now wears shoes (and is so proud of them) and sits in his high chair during meal time.

R.Simple Life | Four months of Harry in a chair

Every day is a new, exciting adventure with this kid, and we’re loving every single minute of it, tear free and otherwise. He is our everything and we love him so.

xoxo, Mallory

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2 thoughts on “Harry, Four Months In

  1. Hannah K says:

    Not sure he can get any cuter! Those baby thighs are killer đŸ™‚

  2. Cheers to baby laughter!

    Scott and I traded off sitting next to our girl yesterday as we drove on narrow canyon roads. Susanna, of course, decided that laughter helped the driver focus better!

    Blessings to your Harry!

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