Babies Grow


Growing babies are altogether the most exciting, most amazing, and most sad thing in the whole wide world. Watching Harry trying to figure out how to put his pacifier in his mouth, and getting the leg of a monkey time after time, until finally doing it right, is so inspiring. He doesn’t give up. No matter how frustrated he may be, he sucks on that leg like that’s what he meant to do all along. And then when he finally gets the pacifier, he looks at me like it’s no big deal at all. He knew he could do it.

Watching him hold on to the windowsill, holding himself up on his own two feet, all on his own is scary. It’s phenomenal. It’s sad, that his Papa wasn’t here to see it the first time.

At this age, they grow so fast. Each milestone comes too quickly. Every day, he is older than the last, and every day he gets closer to the times where kisses from Mum won’t be his favorite thing in the world. I picked him up last night and I swear he was 6 inches longer and 5 pounds heavier.

But as sad as I am, I’m 10 times more excited to see him grow. To watch him learn and develop. To help him, and to not help him. To see the sweet, little synapses in his brain firing away.

All this to say, my baby is four months old today. Pictures to come soon.

xoxo, Mallory

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4 thoughts on “Babies Grow

  1. duchess1 says:

    Happy Birthday Harry!

  2. Mallory,

    Happy 4th month to your boy!

    Susanna just turned 5 months on Sunday and what a journey it’s been!

    It’s a blessing to be with her!

  3. Uncle Dyl says:


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