A Gift for Mum

Mothers Day Gift Guide

This Sunday happens to be my very first Mother’s Day. Last year Harry was smaller than a poppy seed, and very few people knew I was pregnant, so we didn’t celebrate. Plus, there was the suspersticious side of me that didn’t want to jinx anything.

But this year. This year is my year. It’s my very first Mother’s Day as a Mother. And to say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m more excited for Sunday and the chocolate chip cookies it will bring than I was for my last 5 birthdays combined AND the giant jar of peanut butter in my pantry. It feels like such a rite of passage.

The best present of all is the little boy who sleeps best on my shoulder, and a close second is the mega batch of  cookies I’ve planning on whipping up for months, but I figured I’d put together a little gift guide in case you’ve got a mom in your life who deserves a little something extra…

1. Zhena’s Coconut Black Chai Tea | I can personally vouch for the fact that this tea is worth having to order it online. It’s amazing. And mom’s love a good cup of tea, especially with a little side of girl talk.

2. Paper Roses from West Elm | What mom doesn’t love a gorgeous bouquet? And the best thing about this one is that it won’t die in a week or two. It’ll last as long as your love for mom. (Aw…)

3. Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt | Chocolate is the way to a mom’s heart. And the touch of sea salt is irresistible. Just ask me. I’ll tell you.

4. Accordion Brag Book | Because I don’t know a mom who doesn’t love to brag about her kids. Fill ’em up with your favorite kiddo pictures and send it to Mom.

5. Papercut Card | With the perfect sentiment. How stinking cute is this? I think I would frame this one.

6. Everlane V | Haven’t heard of Everlane yet? I’ve been dying for one of these amazing t’s since before I was pregnant. Get one for mom. She’ll thank you. (Plus! Nursing friendly!)

7. Slim Staking Ring | This delicate golden beauty is perfect for Mom’s hand. I’m obsessed. And here’s the less expensive version.

xoxo, Mallory

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4 thoughts on “A Gift for Mum

  1. Wendy says:

    Given all of our recent travel, I’m hoping Mother’s Day involves simplicity at home. If it’s topped with some Susanna laughter and a hug from my hub, that’d be delightful, too!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all who are called “Mom.”

    • Mallory says:

      I’m with you Wendy. I’m just hoping Jonathan is HOME for Mother’s Day… He’s in Ireland right now, cutting it close!

      Happy Mother’s Day!

      • Wendy says:

        I remember those days. My dad left 6 weeks after my sister was born, and was gone for 6 months. I think he saw her for less than 2 weeks in the first 18 months of her life.

        Hang in there and good luck!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Love your picks! I am going to have to try this tea. Have a happy Mother’s Day with your handsome boys! xo

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