Letter to Myself, The Mum

Letter to Myself, The Mum | R.Simple Life

Let me introduce you to my friend Tracey. We met in college, moved in together, and the rest is history. She will forever be one of my best friends. Tracey also happens to be pregnant. So as a first time mother, and a pretty lady expecting her first baby (a little girl!) you can imagine what we talk about. But when we’re done talking about hockey and physics, we do talk a little bit about babies. And pregnancy. And parenting.

The other day, we got to talking about motherhood, and more specifically, all the things we want to be (and don’t want to be) as a mother. And the more we discussed these things, the more we realized we need to keep ourselves accountable. Sure, it’s easy to say now I’ll let Harry go to the prom without me as a chaperone (Tracey will go in my place) but when the time comes, I need someone to remind me I said he could go. And other things like that.

So we’ve decided to write ourselves letters. Sort of “Dear Me, Remember to savor every kiss because who knows how long they’ll be coming” and “Dear Me, please, please try to refrain from kissing him in front of his friends past the age of 5, unless he’s been naughty and it’s punishment.” Things we’d like to remember, ideas we have now.

The plan is to pull these letters out whenever we need a little reminding. Or a little laugh (I’m sure, as the naïve new Mum I am now, I’ll have a couple things in there that might strike me as funny somewhere down the line). And to hold ourselves accountable to be the kind of mother we’d like to be. And not the kind of mother we don’t want to be.

This makes me curious though… parents out there, is there anything you’ve done that has surprised you in the name of parenting? Harry’s not even 4 months old, and I’ve already got a nice, long list.

xoxo, Mallory

PS you’re welcome for that gem of a photo, world.

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7 thoughts on “Letter to Myself, The Mum

  1. Grandma J says:

    I learned from watching other mothers when I was pregnant with you that I would NEVER say, “Did you hear me? I said if you do that one more time, I’m going to…….” My biggest threat was that we would leave and I never had to say it twice if it came to that.

    But the one thing that really surprised me is that I didn’t think that I would invent white lies to get you to stop doing anything. That is, until the day that you were so scared of the mailman because you said he was going to bite you. After a while of trying to convince you this wasn’t going to happen, I told you the mailman couldn’t bite you because he didn’t have any teeth. After that you loved him. 🙂

    And can I just say one thing on the co-sleeping thing? It’s the same advice that I will give for wedding, babies, jobs, etc. Everybody has a totally different first time at any age of their child. So when people give you advice (read opinions) you can say thank you but let it bounce off or flow out because every baby/parent experience at 4 months, 4 years, or even 26 years is different and you only get to experience it for yourself once.

  2. Wendy says:

    Three things have surprised me since I’ve become a mom to Susanna:

    *The love my husband has for me. I’ve always known it. I just feel it differently now.

    *How much her personality is like what it was on the inside. My body rejected swimming, but loved hiking when she was in utero. She adores hiking and our mountains!

    *My ability to sleep with a wee one next to me. We do it when she needs it, and it’s wonderful- if not challenging at times!

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