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Crazy 8’s: In Pictures

Some of you might remember this from way back when (you know, when I was still Jenny from the Block, or the white girl equivalent) but for those of you who don’t, let me explain. Crazy 8’s was a challenge I started a long, long time ago, before I was a mum, before I lived at the beach, before my hair was long. You can read all about it here.

Well this crazy chick brought it back. And I’m game. My Crazy 8’s challenge this month? Taking photos. Ha. Boring. I know, everyone has done the “Take a picture every day” challenge in one form or another. But the idea behind my challenge is to capture memories. Moments of time that I might remember forever, or might otherwise have forgotten, big or small, but memories I want to last. With a baby, you really realize how fast time flies. And it does. It soars.

So for a month, I’m going to pick one moment from my day with my family to remember. Some may be great pictures, others might not. Some will be moments I know I’ll never forget, others might be quieter memories I’d like to remember one day. All will be moments with one (or both) of the loves of my life.

And who knows. If I decide to get ambitious and keep going with this, it might make a great book for Harry. 365 Memories. From his first year. How awesome would that be?

Okay. Here is yesterday’s memory.

Harry in Babiators

Harry’s first pair of sunglasses. He loves the way he looks in them.

xoxo, Mallory

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Two Months

Harry Two Months

This month Harry has mastered the smile, and even gives us a breathless little chuckle every once in a while. He attempts to stand at every possibility, and loves sitting and watching himself (or “Barry” as we call him) in the mirror. Bath time is still our favorite time of the day. He can be fussy before and after, but when we’re all in that tiny bathroom, he’s happy. He still loves being cuddled more than anything… in fact it’s hard to put this boy down.

Harry 2 Months

We’re stretching out the 0-3 month onesies, as those cheeks and thighs get a little chunkier. He has started noticing the world around him – outside his mum & dad’s faces. His activity mat is no longer merely a place to lay, but also a fun gym filled with toys to play with. FaceTime with Papa is holding his attention. He’s starting to stretch out his night time sleeps, much to his mum’s excitement. We love him more than we ever thought possible.

xoxo, Mallory

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An Announcement

And it’s of the baby variety… Do you know what Irish Twins are?

Paper Culture Birth Annoucement

We are not having a set. Gotcha? I’ve chatted briefly about Paper Culture before, but after ordering Harry’s birth announcements from them, I am even more impressed. A designer looked at the cards and fixed the color and the text layout, then sent me a proof to make sure I still liked them and wasn’t going for the red face look for Harry. Seriously cool. I also got to dedicate a tree to our little boy, which Paper Culture then planted in his honor. Super seriously cool. And the cards? Awesome. Arrived in the sweetest packaging I’m keeping for storing pretty things, and the quality is tops. Super duper seriously cool.

Paper Culture Birth Announcement

And yes. I ordered two different varieties. Just call me “mom-who-can’t-decide-which-picture-of-her-son-is-the-cutest.” Because, that apparently is who I am. The backs were a version of this:

Paper Culture Birth Announcement

Love them. And I seriously can’t rave about Paper Culture anymore. They are amazing (and no, they are not paying me or perking me to say that) and their cards (birth announcements, invitations, Valentines, stationery, etc) are awesome. Keep them in mind the next time you need cards. Plant another tree on this planet.

xoxo, Mallory

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Portrait of a Pregnancy

Pregnancy Collage

It’s only taken me 8 weeks (and 4 minutes) to compile all my belly shots, and considering I have a little gentleman who loves to snuggle, I’d say I’m ahead of the curve. It’s crazy looking back at my belly week by week and realizing that was our little Harry growing in there. Also funny – how huge I thought I was around week 17. And how many articles of clothing with stripes I own.

I’m so glad I have this to look back at one day. And show Harry, if he’s interested. It was a pretty exciting time in our lives… but nothing compared to what we’ve got happening now. (In case you want to see what I looked like at Week 40, click here.)

xoxo, Mallory

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3 Tips to Not Embarrassing Your Teen

Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken a photo of a baby. Raise your hand if you’ve ever taken a bad photo of a baby. You know the kind… double chins, eyes wide open (or shut hard), funny faces, blurring… it’s okay, we’ve all done it. I’m no expert, but through the 2,000 photos of my cute kid on my computer, I’ve learned a few lessons. A few things that will make your 17 year old thank you for taking flattering baby pictures he’s not embarrassed about on Prom night (after he sees how chubby and funny looking his friends baby pictures are). I can’t guarantee he’ll be as cool about the naked photos… but those dimply little butts are too cute not to capture.

Okay, so there are three very simple rules to follow. You’re going to look like a pro. I promise.

Changing Angles

1. Watch your angle. How often do you take pictures of yourself or your friends from the level of your/their navel? Hopefully never. Double chins ensue. Funny shadows. People look completely different from this angle. So does your baby. I understand, he’s laying down a majority of his time, and if he’s not, you’ve usually got a hand in the matter, making the camera harder to maneuver. But when you take a picture of his sweet little grin from below, it’s not going to look the same as what you’re seeing. He’s going to look chunkier than he already is. His grin will be goofy. Shadows will be everywhere. So move up. Stand above him and look directly down. Hold the camera a little higher than his eye level. Play with your angle, but please, don’t take a photo from his ankles. Unless you’re going for that look. Common case of baby triple chins in the first picture. Plus, since he was only a month old, he wasn’t keen on looking at the camera. So switching up my angles not only eliminated the extra chins (while give you a closer look at the adorable chubby cheeks), but he’s “looking” at the camera now too.

No Flash

2. Turn off the flash. I know. Babies are ridiculously cute. They are. And they’re cute in the light, airy living room in the middle of the day… and in the dark bedroom right before bed. But turn off the flash. It casts a very harsh light on your baby, making him look two-demensional. Not to mention the crazy eyes it gives him. They’ll either be open wide (and reflecting a very bright light) or they will be closed as tightly as they possibly can be. Either way, he won’t be happy, and you won’t have a great picture. You can always lighten your image up later… or better yet, try to find great lighting in the room. Now, I understand, there are times when he is just making the cutest face or eating his toes for the first time, and it’s just too dark to take a picture without a flash. By all means, turn that baby on, capture that memory. But I promise you’ll like the look of the non-flashy photos much better. Sure, the image on the right is not perfect. The lighting was pretty dark, but his face is so much more him than his face on the left… with it’s harsh shadows, weird almost-red eye, and eyes half closed.

Baby Smiles

3. Take a million pictures. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you first time momma’s this. But seriously, when your kid is being extra cute and wiggly, pull out that camera and take 3-10 pictures. Chances are much better with this many pictures that you’ll get a good one. The perfect capture of that gummy grin. But here is the key… delete the rest. Sure, every picture of your kid is a masterpiece, but you’ll thank me when he’s 3 years old and you don’t have 3.5 million pictures of him picking his nose. I may have missed that charmer of a photo if I hadn’t been snapping away. It was the 5th photo I had taken in about 5 seconds… and is now one of my favorites of my boys.

That’s it. Easy peasy. Seriously though guys, I know these rules don’t always apply, and sometimes you just need to snap a quick picture. But if you are conscious of these rules, not only are you going to get a good picture, but you’ll capture what your baby really looks like right now. No extra chins, no weird shadows, no gassy burps. I’m no expert, but this is what works for me. Oh, one more… get a cute iPhone case. Your baby will want to look at it… and we all know 95% of our pictures are from our phones nowadays anyway.

xoxo, Mallory

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The Exception List: Jennifer Lawrence


Do you guys have an Exception List? We do. But that’s another post for another day.

After watching the highlights of The Oscars (because who are we kidding, I had a 6 week old and a husband who was out of town… I wasn’t awake for the show) I’ve decided I need an Exception List for my best friends. Sorry guys. You should have seen this coming.

I love my friends. It takes a while to get into my inner circle, but once you’re there, it’s like kittens and rainbows every day. I have a handful of the best friends, ever. But here it is… I want Jennifer Lawrence.

She is freaking hilarious. She’s so down to earth. She’s real. She references the same 90’s movies I love. And I just want to be her best friend. (And so do a lot of other people, according to this.)

So just to warn you Best Friends. If we have plans to shake it up Ellen style, grab some sushi and a bacon cupcake, or paint each other’s toenails… and Jennifer calls to invite me to a game of Mall Madness or hair braiding sesh, I’m allowed to ditch you. 100% allowed to ditch you. And you’re not allowed to get mad or hold it against me. That’s the number one rule of the Exception List. You should feel lucky. You’ve just got to potentially share me with Jennifer. Jonathan’s got to share me with 5 guys. Don’t worry. You can pick some celebs out for your exception list too.

So who is it going to be?

xoxo, Mallory

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