Three Boys

A countless number of people have wondered how Duke and Calvin are doing with Harry.

Dog & Cat deal with Harry

Calvin. When we brought Harry home from the hospital, Calvin had been hanging out with a onesie he had spit up on for a day, so the scent was familiar. Calvin ignored Harry for a day or two – or so we thought. It took me a day to realize that Calvin was always a few feet away, and even though it looked completely unintentional, it was not. He was following Harry and I around the house, always ready to step in as head babysitter if I needed a night off. Though that hasn’t happened (yet) Calvin has continued to follow us around. He loves Harry. He’s concerned with any noises, happy or sad, movements are carefully watched, and even sleeping Harry is Calvin’s new best friend. I had to run down the hall, soaking wet and soapy, after jumping out of my shower because I watched Calvin (on the monitor) hop into Harry’s crib for an afternoon cuddle.

And the feeling is mutual. Harry immediately stops fussing when Calvin meows. Calvin’s purring draws Harry’s eye every time. Even patient Calvin’s fur is something soft to be touched (and pulled) in Harry’s world.

Duke. It’s a little bit of a different story with the canine of our family. When we introduced Duke to Harry after bringing him home from the hospital, Duke ignored him. It was like he didn’t realize we had come home after two days with a baby. He was just happy to see me (I had left in full on active labor and hadn’t come home in two days… so needless to say, Duke was concerned). It wasn’t until I came downstairs after feeding Harry that Duke realized there was someone else. He was very curious. Cautious, but curious.

Since then, Duke has been very concerned anytime Harry makes a noise. Other than that, he ignores Harry. The feeling’s pretty mutual – Harry doesn’t give Duke much attention. The problem for our poor Duke though, is this… he’s used to being an “only child.” He’s always been a needy dog, demanding lots of (or all of our) attention. And now that we have a baby at the house, Duke isn’t getting the attention he wants. And therefore is acting out. Not a ton, just forgetting to listen and forsaking the rules that have been ingrained in him for 5 years. Enough to drive us all a little crazy. Poor Duke. He loves Harry to pieces, is always near, but isn’t handling the lack of constant attention as well as we’d hoped. I’ll try to keep you updated on Duke’s progress.

It looks like Harry takes after his Mom – cat person all the way.

xoxo, Mallory

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One thought on “Three Boys

  1. […] I have Duke on the mind, I thought it was time for another update on the Duke-Harry situation. Last time we chatted about this, Duke was having a difficult time adjusting to a new baby in the house. He was as sweet as ever […]

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