First Position

Do you watch documentaries? I’ll be honest, it’s the only reason we still pay for Netflix. I love a good documentary. I find them to be so interesting and informative, and since I’m not in school anymore, it’s where I do some hard core learning. Even if it’s not about Pythagorean theories. It’s the kind of learning I love.

The latest viewing from my queue was First Position. A documentary about young ballet dancers. Young meaning under 18. The film centers around a handful of dancers from all over the world preparing for one of the largest competitions in ballet – which leads to awards, scholarships to prestigious schools, and jobs in great companies. The preparation is exhausting (and painful) to watch. I fell in love with the 11 year old naval doctor’s son. He was an amazing dancer, and had so much heart. And his sweet little blazers and perfectly combed over hair only added to my affection.

First Position got me thinking… these children work harder than most adults I know. They have a goal, a passion, and they go for it with gusto. They give up so much – eating like a normal child (poptarts and soda), seeing their family (one boy moved from Columbia to NYC to dance, the aforementioned Naval doctor volunteered for a deployment so his family could stay close to a great ballet teacher), time (switching to homeschooling to provide more time for dancing), and so much more. They work so hard to do something they love to do so much. What do I work that hard for?

I love my family with gusto. I love to cuddle and kiss and laugh with them. I could spend all my time hanging out with my boys, and be perfectly happy. But that’s not work. That’s not hard. I’ve been evaluating my passions. And how hard I want to work for those passions. That is what a good documentary does for me. It makes me think. I 100% recommend First Position to every one, from dance lovers to ballet novices.

What’s your favorite documentary? I could use a few more to add to my queue.

xoxo, Mallory

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5 thoughts on “First Position

  1. Janet says:

    More Harry pictures please 🙂 – obsessed with documentaries and this one seems right up my ally

  2. Wendy says:

    Scott recommends Cosmos. We both loved Food, Inc. May I Be Frank is another good one.

  3. Angie says:

    The Business of Being Born is such a great one! It definitely increased my already growing passion and love of birth!

  4. Trace says:

    Maybe it’s just because I love Tokyo and sushi but have you watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi? It’s pretty cray. And good.

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