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As the big Birthday gets closer and closer (and seriously closer), I’ve found myself drawn to birth photography. Images capturing the anticipation of Baby’s arrival, the emotions of the mom and dad to be, the first few moments with the brand new little baby. I’ve found myself crying over birth photos from people I don’t know.

Birth is very intimate. It’s a time like nothing else in your life. A day when you are bringing new life to this world. A day when your heart is just going to explode with love. And a day that might be one of the hardest, most difficult ones in your life. Very intimate.

But as human beings, we love to capture magical moments. Have them to share. So in comes birth photography. We are planning on having our labor & delivery captured, but I know not everyone wants that. What are your thoughts on birth photography?

xoxo, Mallory

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5 thoughts on “Birth Photography

  1. I cried for hours looking a birth photography sites a couple months ago!!!!!! Here is one I loved: -It’s in dallas but it was one of my favorites for ideas! I think we are going to do some kind of birth photography but we are scheduled to do a C section as of right now so the photographer wouldn’t be allowed in the operating room…that throws a twist on things! We are lucky to have a close cousin as a NYC photographer! Hopefully we will be good for her first birth project!

  2. Wendy says:

    After a 36 hr 10 min L&D, I think hub only has 1 immediate birth photo of our girl. That’s fine with me and echoes the motto “the situation dictates the action” that is present in our lives.

    My fave pic of immediate post birth is one of Susanna, a nurse Patricia, and me. Patricia was instrumental in helping us to move forward and instill hope during the labor process.

    The night on her birth day, I took photos of the hub and her from across the room as I recovered from the unplanned c-sec. His love and tenderness for/of/with her is something I’ll always cherish.

  3. Aimee says:

    I’m totally with you! My most favorite picture of Nola was taken just moments after she was born. Other people must think she looks icky all covered in vernix, etc. but I love it. Must be a mom thing. πŸ™‚

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